The Return of the Single of the Week and the Legends

Buying a Legends album is a proposition that require some degree of a leap of faith. Reason being, is that you can pretty much guarantee that it will sound nothing like the previous record. Their first album Up Against the Legends was a slice of C-86. Second album Public Radio was all minimalist, deep, and dark with melodic bass like early New Order, Cure and Felt. Then album number three, Facts and Figurines went all light and synthy euro disco. So if you’ve followed the legends at all, you can pretty much guarantee that the album number four is not going to sound like the last one.

So what can you expect from the Legends for their next album?  According to sources, main legend Johan Angergård is in desperate need of noise and  is holed up in the studio surrounded by effects pedals and broken amps creating new kinds of distortion for the next Legends record. As a primer, they have a new single called Seconds Away which is being offered up on 5 November from Labrador records. It’s a welcome return to familiar territory of the first record. Pop songs honey drenched in squealing feedback like the Jesus and Mary Chain made de rigeur on Psychocandy specifically,  Never Understand and Living Inside Me. Ear piercing feedback will fill your head throughout most of the song, but there’s a point mid way in it where the distortion falls away and gives way to a melodic bass line like the ones Adorable use to do.  With Seconds Away, The Legends have dialed it in to near perfection.

mp3: The Legends – Seconds Away (from the upcoming Single on Labrador)

One comment

  1. Dennis · October 1, 2008

    Up Against the Legends is easily my favourite album by them, so yay! I listened to Seconds Away yesterday for the first time, and though I don’t think it’s their best, it’s surely a return to the sound I like best.

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