The Lucksmiths Are Back With First Frost

The Lucksmiths are back with their first new album since 2005’s sublime Warmer Corners.  It’s not like they’ve been away that long though.  Last year they opened the vaults with a career spanning double cd called Spring a Leak that was one of the best stop gap releases in the history of such things.  The band  even made the trek over here to the states for a tour last fall.  So they haven’t exactly been missing in action, but it has been some time since their last album of all new material.  The new record which has been christened First Frost was apparently recorded in a run down shack in Tasmania, where they had to fight with mice to get all of the songs recorded.   You can read all about their recording adventures down in Tasmania from Marty Donald’s recording diary.  Chris Townend, who has worked with Portishead and former label mate Darren Hanlon, is did the honors of producing the album.  So what does it sound like?  The band have put up a trio of songs from the new record on their MySpace page.  The whole thing hits the streets at the end of this month.

Order: First Frost (in the US | in Austrialia | in the UK)
mp3: The Lucksmiths – Good Light (originally on Matinee Hit Parade, also the second track on First Frost)

One comment

  1. aj · October 10, 2008

    F’in Fantastic! Did I tell you I saw them last fall. So Psyched!

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