Blue Skies Daisy Days

Planting Seeds for Blue Skies Daisy Days
Photo from NKC@berry’ flikr photostream

Sporting a cover that reminds me of those old Sarah compilations,  Blue Skies Daisy Days is a compilation from Planting Seeds Records that contains 21 tracks from a very impressive line-up.  I remember the first couple  Sarah compilations I bought, most of the bands were pretty much unknown to me, but after listening to each one, I instantly became a fan of 90% of the bands on the record.  Such is the case with Blue Skies Daisy Days, at first I only recognized a handful of the names, but after listening to it, it’s safe to say that there isn’t a rotten apple in the bunch (or wilted daisy for that matter).

There are some familiar names like the Ocean Blue. Former Ride drummer Loz Colbert appears twice, once in the lead off song from the International Jetsetters and a second time as himself with the psychedlic early Bee Gees sounding Rainy Days on Sunday.  It makes you realize he isn’t only a great drummer, especially if there is more where this comes from.  Another familiar name to me was John Moore of Black Box Recorder, who shows up with his Auteurs-like Tired of London.  There are lots of new bands too, like Londoners (by way of Brazil) the Tambourines with their buzzing, fuzzy pop and SoCal’s A.M. Vibe mining a Sundays like, erm vibe.  I’m leaving out a whole bunch of fabulous stuff by the likes of the Incredible Vickers Brothers, Loose Salute, the Stevenson Ranch Davidians and the Voyces.  It’s all so good that you’ll have a new favorite song after each listen.  You can also buy it knowing that part of the money will be going to a good cause in the Keep a Breast Foundation.


mp3: Loz Colbert – Rainy Days on Sunday (buy Blue Skies Daisy Days)

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