Pick Up the Phone

answering machine are not here, they're out shopping for clothes.

It’s been some time since we heard from Manchester’s the Answering Machine.  I kept expecting an album from them last year but they stayed in hibernation for most of last year, holed up in some cave recording their debut long player with producer Dave Eringa (Idlewild & Manic Street Preachers). Well it looks like they’re finally done with it and the first fruits of the record are getting to see the light of day.

Since we last visited the Answering Machine, they’ve become a four piece band, adding drummer Ben Perry, though they say that they’re still using their drum machine which they lovingly call Mustafa Beat.  The first single from the album is called Cliffer, and like previous singles it’s high octane pop but this time with a bit more octane.  Their big time producer Eringa tweak sounds like he has tweaked their sound so it’s more compressed and compact.   The difference is noticeable, but not a bad thing from what I’ve heard and combined with their new real drummer it seems to really pop out of the stereo.  They seem to get a lot of Strokes comparisons, and I kind of hear that in the guitar, but I think that their new sleeker sound has a Maximo Park feel to it.  Not to worry though they also still have their weirder elements  that remind me a little of  Urusei Yatsura, and  Los Campesinos.  The single comes out as a 7 inch on 9 March with the album entitled Another City, Another Sorry following some time in May on the still wet behind the ears (ie. brand new) label Heist or Hit some time in May.  In the meantime the band have leaked  the title track from their new record.

mp3: The Answering Machine – Another City Another Sorry (from Another City, Another Sorry)

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