Box Elders Return

Box Elders at the Funhouse, Seattle | 9 February 2009
Box Elders at the Funhouse, Seattle
They returned to Seattle at least.  Everyone is anxiously awaiting a new Box Elders record these days, but lucky for Seattle the band were doing a short swing through the northwest and returned to the Funhouse Monday night. What a difference seven months make!  They sounded much tighter and actually seemed to add a bit of finesse to the songs.  There was no fire shooting from their guitars this time, but the songs jumped out at me like sparks.  Dave Goldberg is still a madman behind the drums, holding one stick in his mouth while he plays the keyboard and drums at the same time, and Clayton was dressed in sparkling silver jacket and a speedo.  They pleased everyone with Whole in My Head and One Foot in Front of the Other from the Grotto 7 inch, but all the new songs were just as good.  As far as I’m concerned they can’t put out another record soon enough.

So where is their next record coming from?   For starters, they have a 7 inch coming out as part of the HoZac Hookup Klub series, join up if you haven’t already.  It’s 65$ for 10 records delivered to your doorstep.  They’re also promising an album sometime in May.  Word on the street is that it’s getting put out by Goner Records down in Memphis.  I had heard some rumors that Box Elders might be signing to Matador, but got the full story from the band after the show.  It’ Goner in May with a full album!  I’ve posted this before, but it’s so good, here it is again.

mp3: Box Elders – Hole in My Head (from the Grotto 7 inch – currently OOP, but being repressed.)

Funny story, after the Box Eder’s set, bassist Clayton was going to have to leave the Funhouse because he’s only 19.  So the next band Dinosaur and the Missing Link let him play tambourine for their set, which allowed him to stick around.  Dinosaur and the Missing Link are normally a duo of guitar and drums, but this night they had Clayton from the Box Elders who was still dressed in his speedo and silver jacket  on tambourine.  By the third song he was on the ground writhing about…and playing the tambourine of course.

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