Fine Arts Showcase Make a Dolophine Smile

The Fine Arts Showcase

Gustaf Kjellvander and his Fine Arts Showcase return in March with album number four and it’s a return to singing his own songs.  Previous album Fine Arts Showcase Sings Rough Bunnies was an entire record dedicated to the primitive genius of Swedish garage band the Rough Bunnies, it was great, but didn’t feel like a proper Fine Arts Showcase album.  Not so this time, Gustaf is back with 10 new songs and a proper FAS album.  It’s been deemed a breakup record by Gustaf himself, who apparently broke up with his girlfriend while writing the songs for the album.  At one point the working title of the record was Capitalism Hates the Fine Arts Showcase because they were having trouble raising the cashola to record it, but they reconsiderd and are calling it Dolophine Smile.    One of the songs from it , Friday On My Knees  is currently available on a 12 inch from Adrian Recordings and another one has been made available as a free download.  The album according to the Adrianne website is out on 25 March, but It’s a Trap says it’s out next week on 18 February.  While you’re guessing which one is correct, here’s London My Town.

mp3: Fine Arts Showcase – London My Town (from Dolophine Smile)

One comment

  1. aj · March 22, 2009

    good stuff! Now about that record label?

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