France Has the Bomb

regardez! france has the bomb
Photo from France Has the Bomb’s myspace

France Has the Bomb apparently chose their name because they wanted something that when you heard it, you wouldn’t immediately know what they sound like. It worked. Based on their wasn’t sure what they’d be like, but since they just put out a single on Hozac I had a pretty good idea.   Based in Minneapolis, but with roots in Chicago their sound straddles influences from both of those cities. Their songs have lots of scratchy, jagged guitars and vocals front and center. They’re certainly not trying to hide behind any of that lo-fi distortion du jour.

To date they’ve got two singles, one on Dusty Medical that was released last year and one on Hozac that was put out at the beginning of this year.  Both remind me of the 80’s midwest postpunk scene and bands like Bitch Magnet and Big Black from Chicago and Husker Du from Minneapolis.  The band are working on an album according to their MySpace, no word yet on when and where it will be released.

mp3: France Has the Bomb -Invisible Angle (buy the Hozac Single)

mp3: France Has the Bomb – World of Mirrors (buy the Dusty Medical Single)

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