Comet Gain’s Torn Ideals and Records in Stained Sleeves

Comet Gain

You may have heard (especially if you’ve been listening to the Finest Kiss Basementcasts) that Comet Gain have just released a cd that compiles singles, radio sessions and other ‘stray dogs’ from the past ten ears onto one of those new fangled compact discs. It’s been a while since the last Comet Gain album, 2005’s City Fallen Leaves, so it seems like a lot of people are rediscovering or just discovering their ramshackle magic.   The new Broken Record Prayers compilation is a perfect introduction to band, treading that fine line between elegant beauty reminiscent of the Go-Betweens to ramshackle rock n’ roll akin to the Mekons. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s their best record, but it certainly has some of their best songs including the lovely You Can Hide Your Love Forever and the bouncy Love Without Lies.

Comet Gain are one of those bands that are hard to keep up with, constantly sprinkling in a 7 inch single here and ep there, and since they’re English getting those singles and eps can be a little difficult and expensive.   So Broken Record Prayers brings you up to speed.  Of course just as you think that you’re up to date with Comet Gain, they go and put out a new single, kind of letting you know that they’re not sitting still.  I guess you could always wait another ten years for the next compilation to hear the new single.  Nah, I didn’t think so, neither could I.  It’s a good hot and cold single with the a-side a vitriol filled ode to Beat-hobo Herbert Huncke that sounds a little Rolling Stones and a little Blue Aeroplanes.  The b-side No Spotlight On Sometimes is something of a cool down,  showing off the more mellow melodic side of the band.   There’s something about the 7 inch format that just doesn’t get old for me and this single definitely keeps it fresh.

Comet Gain are going to be coming over to the US in April for a handful of dates on the east coast, so you lucky people in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC should make the effort to catch a rare appearance of one of the UK’s most under-appreciated bands.  I’ll just sulk out here in Seattle, wishing they were making the jump across the country, because I think I like Comet Gain more now than ever before. Here are the precious few dates which by the way are all with the excellent Crystal Stilts:

8 April – Black Cat – Washington, D.C.
9 April – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
12 April – Music hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY

mp3: Comet Gain – Herbert Huncke (buy the single from Pure Groove)

mp3: Comet Gain – Love Without Lies (from Broken Record Prayers buy it)

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