Rainy Dawg Birthday

when it rains it pours

Photo from c00lmarie’s flickr

April is the month of showers, but it looks more like a month of downpours in terms of great gigs coming up this month (Don’t believe me? Have a look over there on the right). I think the one that put it over the edge for me was the University of Washington’s internet radio station Rainy Dawg announcing today that they’re having a birthday party.   If you read the comments on this blog (yeah, you probably wouldn’t admit to that) this is probably not news to you since Omar left the news about this gig happening in a comment here yesterday.  It’s now official.  Rainy Dawg radio will be hosting New York’s Crystal Stilts, San Diego’s Wavves and Seattle’s Idle Times and AFCGT to celebrate the station’s sixth birthday.

I’m always jealous of New Yorkers getting to see Crystal Stilts every other week, so I’m pretty psyched that they’re making the trip out to Seattle specifically for this gig.  I saw them back in November at Chop Suey and they did not disappoint. Wavves have yet to play Seattle.  Nathan Williams is a one man band on record, but live  he gets a little help from a drummer (Wavves are also playing the Funhouse on 9 April if you’d like a preview). I caught Idle Times around Christmas opening for the Intelligence. On record it’s one guy Brian Idle, but live he’s got a full band which gives the songs a totally different dynamic. As for AFCGT, they are the remnants of the A-Frames and Climax Golden Twins and they are able to make an immaculate racket. It should be a time.

It all goes down on 24 April at the North Husky Den located in the HUB on the University of Washington Campus at 7pm. Don’t Be Late, or you’ll miss the cake.


  1. fernando · April 8, 2009

    I am trying to make the journey (from SF) to Seattle because of the Crystal Stilts, and this explains why they will not play SF, even though Wavves are. Now I have to figure out how to get tickets, as there is no clear website-based ticket sales that I can find. Do you know?

  2. fernando · April 8, 2009

    Thanks Toby… as you mentioned the venue and other details, I manage to find the site and get the tickets. Cheers! (I had forgotten that MBV plays on Monday, so a good weekend to go up!)

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