Love Boat: Welcome Aboard!

Love Boat Capsized
All right, I’m going to try and refrain from any Gopher, Gavin McCleod or Charo jokes while writing this. Here goes. Italy may not be known for it’s indie pop, but for all I know that may be because of a bad marketing campaign. Love Boat who hail from the Italian island of Sardinia are trying to single-handedly change all that. They’re a trio with no bass guitar, two guitarists and a drummer. Their first single Love Boat Song on Shake Your Ass was released back in 2007 and turned some heads. It was a manically brilliant two and half minutes of bouncy, jangly, rockabilly, garage pop. At the end of last year they put out the album Imaginary Beatings of Love on Germany’s Alien Snatch! Records that was more of the same bright-eyed pop. Both of these releases were put out in limited vinyl quantities, but the album is also available on cd.  But wait, there’s more.  This month they’ve just put out a two more 7-inches, one on Shake Your Ass and another on Here I Stay. With all these records in a little more than a year, these guys are turning out to be quite prolific, and the quality for all these records is quite stellar. So what are you waiting for? Andiamo!

mp3: Love Boat – Love Boat Song (from Love Boat Song 7″, currently OOP)

mp3: Love Boat – Frankie Shampoo (from Remember The Sabbath Day And Keep It Holy 7″, buy it)

mp3: Love Boat – For Your Love (from Imaginary Beatings of Love, buy it)

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