It’s monday night and I’m stuck in Victoria, BC the retirement capitol of Canada while My Bloody Valentine are likely blowing the roof off of the WAMU Theatre down in Seattle.  Work sometimes gets in the way of my rock n’ roll lifestyle.  Since I’ve got the time , let’s talk about noise pop, not the ethereal type that MBV specialize in, but noise pop that is so trebly it drills through your skull and pierces your ears.  I’m talking Boyracer.  Here’s a band that could make their guitars screech, and feedback with the best of them. I have long been of the opinion that this band has not gotten the recognition it so truly deserves.  Sure, if you talk in the right circles Boyracer get their props and are revered, and referred to in hushed knowing tones.  Bands today like Times New Viking, Eat Skull, Wavves, Sic Alps, Tyvek, Ty Segal, and Psychedelic Horseshit among many others are mining similar veins of gold that Boyracer already did way back in the 90’s. I never hear Boyracer referenced as a forerunner of any of these bands and I’m not sure why because it’s so obvious.  My only guess is that people have somehow forgotten this Leeds band.  Maybe if they had been on Creation instead of Sarah, Slumberland, Zero Hour and their own 555 they would have gotten, and would now be getting some recognition.

With Boyracer, treble was always the key ingredient and the bass was always an afterthought.  Along with Action Painting! they were the black sheep of the Sarah Records roster, not adhering to the gentle twee that most of the other bands on the label subscribed to. No, Boyracer liked to peg the needles in the red on every song with singer Stewart Anderson (and the only constant in the band) wiring his vocals through what seemed like some cheap kitchen appliance.  Boyracer songs were recorded quick, came in bushels and were mostly pretty short.  A Boyracer album usually  contained no less than 20 songs, eps usually had at least 10, and singles usually were stuffed with at least 5 songs.  The band were extremely prolific, releasing albums and singles on a multitude of labels just like Wavves, Fresh and Onlys, Blank Dogs and so many others are doing today.  They had a handful of contemporaries like Bristol’s Beatnik Filmstars and San Francisco’s Henry’s Dress with whom they released split singles.   Another contemporary was Hood, which was formed by Richard Adams an early member of Boyracer.  Anderson also recorded records under the moniker of Steward and teamed up with Hula Hoop‘s Eric Stoess for Hulaboy.

Boyracer sort of broke up after the album In Full Colour and getting dropped by their label Zero Hour in 1997, but then reformed in 2000 and resumed their rigorous release schedule with records on Happy Happy Birthday to Me, Foxy Boy and 555.  Anderson also has kept up his partnership with Stoess and has just relased a third Hulaboy album called Olympic Krush On The Hulaboy which was pressed at an insanely limited 100 vinyl copies.  Boyracer seems to be on a hiatus again but Mr. Anderson and his partner Jen Turrell have a new band called Cheap Red in which they are teaming up with ex-members of Kanda who are from Portland, Oregon.  A double album is due soon on 555 as well as an appearance a the San Francisco Popfest in May.

So I suppose some things just never change, whether it’s Boyracer, Hulaboy, or Cheap Red Stewart Anderson keeps flying under the radar and criminally and perennially out of fashion. But thankfully he  keeps plugging away.  Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite Boyracer songs.  The best place to start is to get Boyfuckingracer which is an excellent compilation of most of the highlights from 93-97.  Most of this stuff is out of print, so you can try your luck on Amazon and Ebay.

mp3: Cog (from From Purity to Purgatory)

mp3: I’ve Got It and It’s Not Worth Having (from B is for Boyracer)

mp3: He Gets Me So Hard (from Pure Hatred)

mp3: That’s Progress (from More Songs About Frustration and Self-Hate)

mp3: Is It Me or Is It Cold (from More Songs About Frustration and Self-Hate)

mp3: Spindle (from Best Flipstar ep)

mp3: New Punk Song (from In Full Colour)

mp3: Small Consolation (from In Full Colour)


  1. Mike Baehr · April 28, 2009

    Amen Toby! One of the greatest and most overlooked of the overlooked greats.

    • Toby · April 29, 2009

      thank you mike! the overwhelming silence to this post momentarily scared me into thinking that we are as unenlightened today as we were back then. at least I know there are two of us.

  2. Jeff · May 8, 2009

    I accidentally saw these guys play in someone’s bedroom in the U-Dist once. That was rad, so is this post. Thanks for the mP3s.

    • Toby · May 8, 2009

      Jeff, I never got to see them, even on purpose, let alone in someone’s bedroom. Count me jealous!

  3. Jen Turrell · September 15, 2009

    Hello! This is Jen Turrell from the post-2000 boyracer. Just wanted the couple of people here who seem interested to know that we have pretty much given up pressing vinyl records that no one buys, but have not given up completely! We have a new site where we are offering downloads of old, rare and even some new stuff. There’s always something for free (right now it’s the 1994 Peel Session) and the rest is very cheap. We’re trying to put something new up on the 1st of every month so check back from time to time. You can listen to everything for free, but if you like it, please buy a download. We can always use the support.
    Jen Racer

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