Erik Blood One More Time

Erik Blood at Chop Suey, Seattle | 8 May 2009

Ok, I wasn’t going to write anything about this show, because I’ve gone on more than enough about how good Erik Blood‘s record is.  I have certainly seen him enough and written about him enough to point where I don’t have anything new to say, but the gig last night was easily his best yet. Maybe it was the fact that he finally played somewhere that has a decent sound system.  Maybe it was the fact that legendary Crocodile Cafe sound guy Jim Anderson was manning the sound board making the songs really crack.  Maybe it was continuous perfect sound of the three guitar maelstrom, that filled the room.  Maybe it was the three part harmonies on Too Early and Too Late.  Maybe it was the fact that his jaw dropping The Way We Live album is finally getting released, and this was the gig to celebrate it.  Maybe it was that he played the album highlight Better Days which deftly mixes northern soul and shoegaze for the first time ever and totally nailed it.  Maybe it was the hilarious new song Jet Inside You which I can only assume is from his aborted concept album about pornography.  Maybe it was the fact that the songs from this album just don’t get old with me.  Maybe it was the earnestness in which gay rights anthem To Leave America was played,  transcending the words, letting  the music convey the message all by itself.  Maybe it was all of the above, yes of course it was.  Maybe you should buy the record.

mp3: Erik Blood – To Leave America (from the Way We Live, out 12 May digitally)

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