A New Political Party: The Leisurely Socialists

Are you a socialist? Do you enjoy leisure?  Like to Party?

If you are a regular reader of this dusty corner of the internet then you probably get excited by the likes of Orange Juice, the Monochrome Set , Vic Godard, the Bluebells and the Close Lobsters.  The promo sheet for Socialist Leisure Party lists off a few of those bands, and listening to it, made me think of the others.   So Socialist Leisure party have some choice influences going for them, but they also have pedigree.  Half the band (Andy Hitchcock and Kevin House) used to be in Action Painting!  Action Painting!  somehow got lumped in with British music papers manufactured scene called the New Wave of New Wave which included bands like SMASH and These Animal Men.  Yes it was quite a forgettable scene, but I always liked Action Painting! They put out a handful of singles on Sarah and along with Boyracer seemed to be derided for not sounding like all the other bands on Sarah, meaning they were noisy.

Socialist Leisure Party would likely have fit much more comfortably into the more typical Sarah Records style, but it’s 2009 and Sarah has been defunct for over ten years.  Not to worry though, thanks to the fine folks over at Shelflife, Socialist Leisure Party have a nice home and a snazzy new release that is one part 7 inch and one part CD.  Tactical POP! For Coffee Cadets is part of the Shelflife 1000 series where each release is limited to 300 copies and contains a record and a CD, both the exclusive tracks.  So you’re going to need both a turntable and a CD player to listen to the entire thing, and you will want to hear it, for the guitars jangle and whirl, and Andy Hitchcock vocals have that delicate balance between wistful melancholy and youthful nievete.

mp3: Socialist Leisure Party – Head In the Hay (buy Tactical POP! For Coffee Cadets)

Here are couple bonus mp3’s from Action Painting!:
mp3: Action Painting! – Collapsing Cloud (from Sarah 087)

mp3: Action Painting! – Classical Music (from Sarah 073)

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