Something For the Weekend: Vacation Basementcast

back from fishing

Yes, summer has finally arrived and my vacation was filled with swimming, baseball games, and fishing. We split our time between sl-Ohio and Washington, DC. It was a bunch of fun, especially our trip to Linesville, Pennsylvania to feed the carp. Throwing bread to a bunch of overgrown fish is probably not a lot of people’s idea of fun, but I don’t hang out with those kind of people.
I’m hesitant to call this the summer edition of the basementcast, that’ll be next month. This is more like the summer vacation edition. Take it with you, whether it’s to the beach, the back yard or over to the neighbor’s house, just don’t take it to work!

basementcast #5: download

track list:
Electricity In Our Homes – Motorbike
Tiger – On the Rose
Young Fresh Fellows – Suck Machine Crater
Tyvek – Building Burning
Rose Elinor Dougal – Stop/Start/Synchro
Drums – Best Friend
Mirrors – Cheap & Vulgar
Cheap Red – Let’s Start a Riot
Champagne Socialists – Teardrop Tatoo
Nancey Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Greenwich Village Song Salesman
Personal & the Pizzas – I Don’t Feel So Happy Now No More
Shackles – Broken Arm
Grant Hart – 2541
Hospitality – Betty Wang
Maribel – Flesh and Blood
Radio Dept. – David
Pale Saints – She Rides the Waves
Charlie Mingus – II BS
Let’s Wrestle – Let’s Wrestle
Human Beinz – It’s Fun to Be Clean
Ganglians – Lost Words
Cave Weddings – Let’s Drive
Catapult – Cute
Chomp – It’s Arizona
the Clean – In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul
Tall Dwarfs – The Brain that Wouldn’t Die
Television Personalities – A Glimpse of My Genius
Jonathon Richman – Circle I

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