Keeping the Lights On


Electricity In Our Homes have been together  for a nearly three years, but are just getting around to releasing something more than a single.  They dress like Talking Heads circa 1978, but sound more like Pig Bag, Fire Engines and the Raincoats intertwined into a very taut rope.   Their previous three releases have been 7 inch singles that have been snapped up into OOP status, except for the last one on 4AD which is still gettable.  These days with records going out of print before you can click a link, wouldn’t be great if some label would compile all three singles onto a single CD?  Big Love records has done just that, compiling all the disparate three from Modern Pop, Too Pure and 4Ad.

If CD’s aren’t your thing, then you can get in line to buy their upcoming 12 inch on Parlour.  It’s six brand new songs, two of which you can check out over on their MySpace player.  After hearing the compilation CD, I thought they were not yet great, but you could hear them progressing into something  very interesting.  The two songs they have up for previewing definitely confirm my suspicions.

mp3: Electricity In Our Homes – Motorbike (cover of the Beach Boys’ Little Honda)

mp3: Electricity In Our Homes – We Don’t Need Honesty

Both songs from the limited edition CD that compiles their first three single, available from  Rough Trade.

Pre-order their new 12 inch record at Parlour.

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