The Importance of being Idle, Unnatural and Unfaithful

The man with the mustache, glasses and songs!

Playing guitar in Seattle bands Idle Times, Unnatural Helpers and T.V. Coahran, you might think that Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (that’s a mouthful) had no time to write and record any of his own songs.  That is evidently not the case, as Mr. Gebhardt has recently released a five song ep called Unfaithful on Seattle’s GGNZLA records.  He gets help from Idle Times’ Brian Standeford and  TV Coahran himself on the record which has warm powerpop feel to it that brings to mind the Kinks, Nick Lowe, and the criminally unknown Highback Chairs.

Over at his MySpace page you can hear Gebhardt covering John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plain, Teenage Fanclub‘s Mad Dog 20/20 and even Idle Times’ Drivin’ You Sad as evidence of his eclectic yet impeccable tastes.  On his GGNZLA CD you can hear him sing his own songs that equal any of the covers he’s done. At only five songs, the record leaves you wanting more.  For now the repeat button will do, but lets hope Mr. Gebhardt doesn’t spend too much time with his other bands, and puts out some more records of his own.

mp3: Charles Leo Gebhardt IV – Lake Serene (from the ggnzla ep)

mp3: Charles Leo Gebhardt IV – Long and Low (from the Terrible Sounds of Bad Ideas compilation)


  1. Ben · July 20, 2009

    Excellent stuff. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Pat Wallace · July 20, 2009

    Great sound!

  3. Fourdays · July 23, 2009

    Just listened to the Gebhardt cover of leaving on a jet plane. Never heard of him before to be honest and appreciate the tip…like everyone else :)

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