Nobunny at the Funhouse

Nobunny at the Funhouse, Seattle | 25 July 2009

Nobunny, trix are for kids.

I had no idea, but girls apparently love Nobunny.  The Funhouse with it’s punk rock dive bar status, doesn’t usually see a lot of women in attendance, but last night the ladies were going crazy for Nobunny.  Hands down the most women I’ve ever seen at the Funhouse, and they were all over the deranged rabbit: petting him, grabbing at his blue undies, pouring beer down his blue undies and dancing with him.  It wasn’t all girls though, there was one guy dressed up in his own version of the Nobunny uniform, with American flag undies and a much less menacing looking bunny mask, and there were a guys that kept trying to get his underwear off. Some people never grow out of their high school locker room days.

Granted the whole Nobunny thing is one big shtick, and the show was pretty ramshackle, the record is actually pretty good.  On the album he uses a drum machine that gets a bit repetitive at times, but the songs are immediate, catchy, crisp and clear.  Live the songs take on a new personality, something of a means to an end. The end of course is a guy in a wig, a shredded bunny mask and underwear going nuts.  You could barely make out the choruses, which didn’t seem to bother anyone, since everyone around me knew all the words.  For all the weirdness in the presentation, the songs are just catchy little two minute pop songs that don’t seem to grow old.  As for the live version of Nobunny, I could see where that might get old after seeing him more than once or twice, but since this was my first time, it was pretty much a blast.

There are more photos from the night over at my flickr page, including one of the Nobunny super-fan.

mp3: Nobunny – Tina Goes to Work (from Love Visions, get it here)


  1. jessie · July 28, 2009

    LL Nobunny!

  2. Fourdays · July 29, 2009

    Nobunny? interesting band. Great marketing idea to get people to talk and interact. Checked out there music, true…little catchy.

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