Summercast: basementcast #6


In the summertime, everything seems to slow down. No one returns your calls or emails at work because they’re all on vacation. In the music world, releases slow down from their rapid spring rate.  Although this year it seems like there hasn’t been much of slow down in stuff coming out this summer, so there is no dearth of new stuff in this edition. Without further ado, and since this isn’t France  (I don’t have enough vacation time to take the whole summer off), here is the summer edition of the basementcast. The track list and links to all the bands below.

download: basementcast #6

The Bluebells – Red Guitar – Sisters
The Clientele – I Wonder Who We Are – Bonfires of the Health
Internet Forever – Break Bones
Charles Leo Gebhardt IV – King of the Mountain – Unfaithful
Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Dadjes – DaDje Von O Von – Legends of Benin

The Nightgowns – Buoy – Sing Something
The Wannadies – Lee Remick – Might be Stars b-side
Dan Melchior – Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Thank You Very Much
The Hummingbirds – Word Gets Around – LoveBuzz
Dreamdate – 8 Sleeves – Patience

Surf Punks – My Beach My Wave – My Beach
The Sunrays – I Live For the Sun –
Rainbow Bridge – Big Wave Rider – True Panther 7″

Mannequin Men – Who Is Alive golden – Lose Your Illusion Two
Darling Buds – It Makes No Difference – Crawdaddy
Flight – Flowers – Sweet Rot 7″
Sunny & the Sunsets – Death Cream – Soft Abuse 7″
Hex Dispensers – It’s Your Funeral Minion – Winchester Mystery House

Afternoon Naps – Mittten Fingers – Parade
The Depreciation Guild – Dream About Me
ESP Summer – Golden Heart of the Year
The Bats – Crimson Enemy – The Guilty Office
Davila 666 – Sabes Que Quiero – Hozac 7″
Dara Puspita – A Go Go – A Go Go

Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills – A Strange Arrangement
Papas Fritas – Way You Walk – Pop Has Freed Us
Esser – Headlock – Braveface

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