Strawberry Whiplash

Strawberry Whiplash

Lately I’ve been on this Primitives, Darling Buds, Rosehips kick. The last couple summer months if you’d have been over, you more than likely would have been subjected to the sweet sounds of fuzzy guitars that jangle a little and  sweet vixen croons from the likes of Tracy Tracy, Andrea Lewis or Yoland.  All of those bands were circa C-86, with the Primitives and Darling Buds going on a bit longer making records into the early 90’s, but largely that sound has been in hibernation since then. Sure the Manhattan Suicides and the Vivian Girls kinda sound like them, but neither was as polished or overtly poppy as their late 80’s predecessors.

Luckily someone has seen fit to put together a band that puts a femme fatal singing on top of the buzz and jangle of a Rickenbacker.  That someone is Laz McLuskey of Bubblegum Lemonade and his side project Strawberry Whiplash.  Their second EP has just been released by Santa Barbara indiepop purveyors Matinée Records.  Laz is joined in Strawberry Whiplash by Sandra who plays the role of Femme Fatal to Laz’s Fred MacMurray.  Don’t worry, there’s no film noir ending where someone dies and someone goes to prison.  It all ends happily, albeit too soon on their new four song EP Picture Perfect.

mp3: Stawberry Whiplash – Picture Perfect (buy the new Picture Perfect EP  from Matinée)


  1. MarcLord · September 16, 2009
  2. BondiBen · December 17, 2010

    Love this track, we play it on the show a lot. Top write up! Thanks

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