Hyping BOAT


You are most likely aware of the Hype Machine.  It’s that magical thing that indexes all the songs that music blogs post.  You may not know that the Hype Machine has a radio show (created by the fine folks that use to do Blog Fresh Radio).  Well it does and guess what, yours truely is on it blabbing about the unparalleled BOAT.  Hear me wax ineloquently about the many facets of BOAT.  We talk about their new record Setting the Paces, their confetti strewn gigs, and the pleasures of maritime travel. It’s more fun than a barrel of boats.  Since were talking BOAT, I hear their record is gonna hit stores on October 27 and that the vinyl is going to be orange.  I also hear they’ve got a killer extravaganza planned for their not one but two record release shows.  One at Neumo’s on 22 October and then on 5 November down in Portland.  In the interim you can either catch them at Urban Outfitters in Seattle this coming Saturday or listen to Hype Machine Radio.  If you don’t live in Seattle I would recommend the latter.

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