LA River Pipe

Surfing the West River Pipe: Devon Williams

photo from Geneve Rege’s flickr

Anyone familiar with F.M. Corong’s East River Pipe knows what kind of beautiful melancholy that can pour out of a life-long east coaster. I always thought that the stereotypical laid-back west coaster wasn’t capable of creating something sounding anything like an East River Pipe.  Of course my assumption is wrong, tales of heartache and depression are universal. Devon Williams who comes from La-La-Los Angeles reiterates that point with his solitary and suffering songs.  This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this dour fellow, you may recognize him from Lavender Diamond, Champagne Socialists (now called Neverever), or  heard his album Carefree from last year that came out on Ba Da Bing.  Just as Sarah Records snapped up East River Pipe, Slumberland has nabbed Mr. Williams and the first fruits of this destined marriage is a 7 inch single with a an album coming sometime in the near future.

mp3: Devon Williams – Who Cares About Forever (order the 7 inch from Slumberland)

And here’s one from my favorite East River Pipe album Poor Fricky.
mp3: East River Pipe – Superstar In France (buy Poor Fricky from Merge)

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