Another Teenage Riot

Sally Suicide
photo by steinin from Sally Suicide’s mySpace

Sally Suicide who come from Norway and have just released their second 7 inch on Oslo Grammofon.  It incorporates hazy psychedelia and droning guitars that I wouldn’t  necessarily call  shoegaze, but it reminds me of a couple bands that were kind of on the periphery of that scene like the House of Love and Ultravivid Scene.  The A-side is a bright sunny pop song with a chorus that reminds me of the Who’s Mary Anne With the Shakey Hand for obvious reasons.  The B-side has a penchant for the more straightforward pop side of  Sonic Youth. It starts off as a droner but turns into a swirling, Byrdsian drugged out storm.  It’s a vast improvement from their first single that came out two years ago on We Hate. Looks like taking two years off between singles was brilliant move.

mp3: Sally Suicide – Overtime (buy the 7 inch from Oslo Grammofon)

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