Reverbing In Ballard


Reverb Fest is this Saturday in Ballard.  It’s not just in Ballard, it actually takes over Ballard, going off simultaneously  in 10 different venues all within about three blocks of one another. Reverb is not just like any other of onslaught of festivals we seem to get around these parts. What’s the difference? Every band playing has to be a card carrying resident of Seattle, and it’s cheap. For a mere $10 you can spend the entire day taking in huge variety that is the Seattle music scene. You can catch the neo-shoegaze of Levator and Eric Blood, Brent Amaker & the Rodeo’s whiskey soaked rockabilly, the Raggedy Anns‘ Muswell Hillbillies era Kinks songs, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground ganja soaked kitchen sink pop, Hip Hop from Thee Satisfaction, Fresh Espresso and Champagne Champagne, the garage party sounds of the Coconut Coolouts and Unnatural Helpers, and the grrl rock of the Visqueen, Tea Cozies, Redwood Plan and Telepathic Liberation Army. It’s not just music though, for the more high minded the Long Winters’ John Roderick will moderate a mayoral debate between the two finalists Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn which promises to not only be informative but entertaining (drunk people at a mayoral debate can only lead to much heckling). Oh yeah, and there will be liquor, but you gotta pay extra for that. Not sure who to see? Sponsors the Seattle Weekly have put together a handy zip file of mp3’s, one from each band or artist playing so you can do some pre-festival research. You’re bound to find something you like, and you’re bound to just happen into some place, grab a beer and see a great gig.

Download the zip of mp3’s here.
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