Psych Pop Week: Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse Sits by the River

Welcome to day two of psych pop week here at the Finest Kiss. No we won’t be going down memory lane talking about bands like the Zombies, Love, Left Bank, the Elephant 6 Collective, or Witch Hazel. Instead we’ll be covering some new records that dip their feet into the psychedelic ink jar.

Today we have Brown Recluse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formerly Brown Recluse Sings, but who’s ever heard of a singing spider so they’ve dropped the sings. Their new four song EP The Soft Skin is only their second release, but it’s so accomplished in its lavish sound that you’d never know it. Each song is a study in leafy lushness with lilting melodies punctuated by horns that are so soothing they would make Gary Olson blush. A full length album is due later this year.

mp3: Brown Recluse – Rainy Saturday (from The Soft Skin EP, buy from Slumberland)

Here’s an additional song from the band when they went by Brown Recluse Sings.

mp3: Brown Recluse Sings – Margot, Left In Bed (from Black Sunday EP, buy from Slumberland)

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