Pomplamoose Not Pamplemousse

How do you incorrectly spell grapefruit in French?

Kids these days with their Twitters, Tumblers, secondLifes, Vimeos and YouTubes, there seems to be an endless number of time wasters or outlets depending on your point of view. Pomplamoose who are a boy-girl duo from San Francisco Bay area have decided to make YouTube their outlet of choice racking 20 plus videos for their original songs and a ton of covers as well. All the videos are of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte in their home studio playing the songs for the camera with lots of quick cuts, split screens, and other tricks to that make the videos strangely compelling.  Although, some border on goofy and after a while even a little bit annoying, but in the end it’s the music that grabs you and keeps you hitting the replay button. I should also mention that Nataly Dawn is easy on the eyes. She has this kind of innocent deer in the headlights look as she sings into the camera that has gotta keep people coming back to watch. With over 45,000 subscribers to their channel, they seem like they are a kind of cult YouTube phenomenon.
The duo have just put out EP of eight original songs that they’re calling what else, Videosongs. Dawn sings the songs with and ennuie that belies her years, over minimal and spacious backing. Pomplamoose are kind of jazz and kind of pop and they’re not afraid to tackle songs from varying genres of music. Covers include Beyonce‘s Single Ladies, the Chordettes‘ Mister Sandman, Edith Piaf‘s La Vie en Rose, Earth Wind & Fire‘s September and Nat King Cole‘s Nature Boy.  So head on over to Pomplamoose’s YouTube channel and waste invest some time listing and watching.

mp3: Pomplamoose – Twice As Nice (from Videosongs, buy)

YouTube: Pomplamoose’s channel which has videos for all of the cover versions mentioned plus more.

MySpace: You can download a few more songs for free on the band’s MySpace page.


  1. phi zeroth · February 9, 2010

    Just discovered this duo recently and can’t get enough. Their diverse talent and light-hearted energy is so refreshing.. this kind of venture is what true indie is about. Thanks for the post.

  2. Anne Sullivan · April 16, 2010

    Love it! Love your visual as well as audio experiments and layering…am working on French canadian material and some Brel in a similar manner, so Thank You! for inspiring me to keep on plugging away

  3. Sue Ann · June 2, 2010

    Thank you for such ear-tingling, heart-thumping, hip-shaking, foot-stomping, leg-kicking music! Everyone in our house loves it!
    My grandson of 22 months has to have his daily dose of “moose” so he can dance and get his happy on. He really loves to watch you two jump and clap in Another Day. He will get the rhythm someday. hehe Please, keep sending out your joy. Many many thanks!

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