Jochen Is, erm…Still Rochen

Blumfeld broke up back in the spring of 2007, ending a mighty fine 15 year run.  If you’re a longtime reader of this rag, then you may remember their last album Verbotene Früchte was the top pick here back in 2006.  When I found out they broke up, I kind of thought was the end of the story, but of course it wasn’t .

News travels pretty slowly from Germany to the United States, stuff gets lost in translation or just totally ignored unless you work at the stock market.  As a fan of pop not sung in English (capitalism is ok too), but lacking the language skills to keep up with Italian, German, Spanish, French, etc. blogs, information trickles in here at the Finest Kiss at a snail’s pace about this sort of stuff.

So I’ve come to discover that after Blumfeld called it a day, singer Jochen Distelmeyer decided that he wasn’t quite finished. His first solo album, Heavy was released in Germany back in September, but I didn’t stumble upon it until last week.  If you were a Blumfeld fan it will fit you just like a comfortable sweater in a drafty house.  It almost feels like the new Blumfeld album.  A couple songs: Wohin mit dem Hass? and Er hail back to 1995 and L’Etat et Moi, the only Blumfeld album to see the light of day in the US.  Other songs on the record have a much slicker feel and at times he sounds like a German version of  Freddy Mercury.  There’s no Bohemian Rhapsody on Heavy, but the video for Lass uns Liebe sein has Flashdance style dancing along with bit of breakdancing.

I realize that German pop is not everyone’s bag, but Jochen Distelmeyer, could maybe, just maybe change your mind.

mp3: Jochen Distelmeyer – Hinter der Musik (from Heavy)

Here are two videos for two other songs on the record. The first one has the Flashdancing.

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