Velez Manifesto

Discovering new bands in this day and age is much different from how you went about it 25 years ago. Turn on a computer, open a web browser, click a link to an mp3 or a MySpace page and voila, instant discovery.  One could argue that there are actually too many bands out there to discover these days.  You name it, every style of music you can think of is being made and quite well and finding it as as easy as clicking mouse.

Rewind 25 years and finding out about music took a bit more effort.  You actually had to tune into radio stations, read black and white photo copied ‘zines, and rely on your friends who were cooler than you.  Even that was no guarantee you’d hear anything that really caught your ear.  It was kind of left up to chance back then, you might see and an album cover looked super cool in a record store causing you to buy something sound unheard, or you might go to a gig and the opening band you never heard before would blow you away.  It was that kind of random discovery that often times made the music that much more special.

What new music might an 18 year old kid find, arriving in a small college town in West Virginia? If it was the early 80’s there was a wealth of music to discover, especially when the drinking age was still only 18.  Morgantown is the home to West Virginia University, so not your typical small town, but a small town nonetheless.  The University had a college radio station that played the cool college rock of the day and Morgantown, thanks to it’s relative proximity to Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Washington, DC offered a perfect tour stop for a lot of bands touring the east coast.   The student population at the university was made up mostly of West Virginia residents had a fair number of kids coming from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other places on the more urban east coast.  These factors combined for a perfect storm of influences at the time to create quite an impressive music scene in this small town of about 25,000 people.

The kids of university professors mixed with blue collar kids in the small confines of a little bit of flat space next to the Monongahela river providing the fertile turf for growing a music scene that  transcended upbringing and any stereotypes you may have of a small town in West Virginia.  One such band that exemplified all of that transcendence was Velez Manifesto.  It was in the heart of the 80’s when bands like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, New Order, the Cure and the Smiths were the big names on the college charts.  If you were a rabid music fan into those kinds of bands at that time, chances are you dug a little deeper to discover the less fawned upon and darker side of post-punk music like the Chameleons, the Sound, Comsat Angels, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire and the Birthday Party.

That is exactly what the four guys in Velez Manifest did.  Taking their cues it seemed from the dark, goth-tinged bands of the time Velez Manifest were born.  Tom Moore, singer and guitarist of the band having grown up in Morgantown was heavily immersed in the music scene having cut his teeth in previous bands:  Eddie Haskelll,  the Excuses and Human Remains.  In Eddie Haskelll, Moore played with Bob Cotter who later sang for th’Inbred and guitarist Robert Bowers.  Moore tells the hilarious story of how even at a very young and tender age they had something going on: “One day Bob brings over some really stupid looking but scantily clad vixens. My mom pulls up to the driveway, and these silly chicks say, ‘We’re with the band'”

After Eddie Haskelll disbanded Moore formed the Excuses,with Owen Davis, Dan O’donnel, and  Alan Blosser. The Excuses were a punk rock cover band that often played gigs at Mateo’s which at the time was a biker bar, but would later be rechristened the Underground Railroad and become legendary in Morgantown punk and post-punk folklore.   When the Excuses decided that they wanted to start writing their own thrash-pop songs instead of covers they renamed themselves the Human Remains.  Human Remains eventually broke up with Owen Davis going on to start another band Gene Pool and Tom taking a break from biker bars.   West Virginia punk rock was not for the faint of heart, Moore mentions fights and fleeing  into the night with instruments in hand to escape brawls, so a break was likely needed.

Velez Manifesto were born some time in 1983 when Moore hooked up with his long-time friend Sei Peterson.  The two initially were more interested in just making music for themselves, but quickly they realized that what they were doing shouldn’t be kept in the basement and added Jimmy X (Matterer) on keyboards and Greg Carte on drums.  Carte was also in Gene Pool and  later Scott Fetty would take over the drums in the permanent Velez line-up.

By this time the biker bar Mateo’s was now the Underground Railroad and had gained a reputation as a good place for a gig if you were a touring punk or hardcore band.  Kim Monday, owner and operator of Frozen Sound studios remembers bands like Chili Peppers, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Glass Eye, Husker Du, and New Potato Caboose playing the Underground.  He also recalls the local sene being full of bands like Gene Pool, Swiss Army Tractor, Small Axe, The Larries (soon to become 63 Eyes), The Duty Brothers, th’Inbred and Velez Manifesto opening for these more known national bands.  Moore says that there was really no competition or animosity in the Morgantown music scene except for when it came to opening for the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flaming Lips or Husker Du.

Local rivalries aside, Velez set to making a name for themselves. The band began to build a significant following in town, doing packed shows at the Underground Railroad and garnering play at U-92, the University radio station.  Back then a band didn’t send out mp3’s or a CD.  You either had the cash to make a record or you resorted to cassettes.  Velez Manifest relied on the lo-fi latter, but that didn’t stop U-92 from playing them.  The station transferred their songs to tape cartridges in order to play the band’s songs on the air.

By this time the band were hitting on all cylinders, getting together with Kim Monday at his Frozen Sound studios out on Van Voorhis Road to record.  Monday recalls:

The thing that really sticks out to me though was the recordings. You could tell there was something going on with those guys.  I recorded the band live with a “scratch” vocal to capture as much energy of the band as possible. The reason I didn’t keep the vocal was that I didn’t have a good isolation room for Tom to sing in so the drums and guitar amp sound would be in the vocal mic as well. Almost every time it came to doing the “real” lead vocal…. I’m not sure I can express this properly. I would get as close to a final mix as possible and sit in the control room with the rest of the band, Tom would start to sing and magic seemed to happen. I remember “Heart of Steel”. “The Boys Are Coming Home”… it gave me goose bumps. I know the business of music is wacky but those guys should have been huge.

The songs were so good that without the band’s knowledge, the music director at U-92, Pat Ferrise sent one of their songs, Dark Clouds to Columbia/Epic Records for consideration to be on a compilation the label was putting together of the nation’s best unsigned bands.  Dark Clouds ended up making it onto the compilation called Epic Presents the Unsigned Vol. 2 and for a time everyone held their breath that the band would make the leap from best kept secret in the Mountain State to major label band.  Alas, nothing came of the opportunity with the label never pursuing the band any further.    Moore reminisces, “We made no money, nobody cared, I got drunk for a year.”

He may be right about two of those three, but people definitely cared.  At least people in Morgantown.  They cared because the band were that good.  I recently asked a friend of mine who lives here in Seattle who lived in Morgantown when Velez was around about the band.  He immediately started singing one of their songs.  That isn’t just an anecdotal occurrence, everyone I contacted for this story had fond memories of the band, 20 plus years later recalling what an amazing live band they were and how they seemed to be on the cusp of really making it.  From their sessions with Monday, the songs just sound big, and you can tell the band were in a zone when they were playing together.  The tight drums and driving bass reminds me of early Hunters & Collectors with that band’s juggernaut of a rhythm section.  Combine that with Velez’s, judicious and effective use of  keyboards, and the chiming guitar and you had a band that was able to create huge atmospheres of sound. Moore had a killer voice and a knack for dramatic melody which didn’t hurt and made the songs all the more memorable.

When nothing seemed to come of their major label dalliance, the band seemed to run out of steam and the inherent transience of living in a college town pulled the band apart with Moore and Peterson moving to Baltimore.  Peterson and Moore would be in a few more bands together as well make music on their own.  In the mid 1990’s they formed Plow and put out two shoegaze, dream-pop records on Hat Factory, one self-titled and the second called Ice Cream Flares and Rocket Sounds. Peterson currently plays in Hearts by Darts who have an album out on Peapod Recordings.

Unfortunately, by the time I arrived in Morgantown for my freshman year of college Velez had left town.  I remember playing their carts on U92 and thinking that they sounded way too good to be a local band.  Looking back I think I can probably say this was the first of many eye opening experience I had at the University. Up to that point I thought great music was made in far away places like New York, Los Angeles or London.  Velez Manifest and other Morgantown bands like Tooling For Bovines and Lack-a-Daisy were the pin pricks that burst  my naive and  insular world view bubble.

mp3: Dark Clouds

mp3: Pop Song

mp3: Heart of Steel

mp3: The Boys Are Coming Home

mp3: Crack In My Face

mp3: Blue Air

A big thanks to Tom Moore, Scott Fetty, Kim Monday, Pat Ferrise, and Scott Weimer for answering my questions.  Additional thanks to Scott for the Velez photos and Perry Newhouse for the Underground RR flyer.

Underground Railroad Flyer listing Velez Manifesto playing twice in the same week.


  1. Rob M · January 14, 2010

    Finally, the blog post on Velez! Very nice work (and even photos too). I wonder if the band is interested in playing together again (maybe at the next U-92 reunion in Morgantown)?

    • Stacy Bernoski · January 15, 2010

      Goddess I loved these guys back then! What a wonderful “blast from the past”(please forgive the cliche!).

      I moved to San Francsico right after graduating MHS in 1986 and always wondered what happened to these guys, esp. my then huge gay-crush, Tom! ; p

      Now that I am back living Morgantown after a wonderfully magickal 23 yERAs out west, I can tell you there aren’t bands (or much of a scene) like these here nowadys! I feel those of us here at that time during the mid-80’s were truly blessed w/all the cool music and people around in those days.

      N-EOne remember BMS(Be A Mess) or Dyslexic Artsehcro? Brian Hall, Matt Cox, Sharon Wolfe, etc…Sharon and I are still good friends and remain in contact to this day.

      Gee, it’d sure be wonderful to see ever-E-one from back then again sometime…could happen, one never quite knows in this often all-too-small world!

      LovEternaL, Stacy

      • Stacy Bernoski · January 15, 2010

        I have to add that I miss and am still to this day upset over the ‘disappearance’ of my second ‘mom’ Marsha Ferber. Blessings and utmost respect, love and light to her wherever in this universe she may be!

  2. Stacy Bernoski · January 15, 2010

    One last thing- thanks to the Underground I first saw, met (and became a just wee-tad obsessed with) the BUTTHOLE SURFERS and to this day we are still good friends, esp. Mr. Paul Leary and I!

    OH, and though I obviously don’t remember it due to the fact that I unconscious, I love the story of Jello stopping a DK show at the UR to get my passed-out butt out of the pit before getting trampled- “anyone know where SHE belongs?” were his words!

    • Toby · January 17, 2010

      Stacy, thanks for the comments to add some more color to the fact that Morgantown in the 80’s was a fascinating, and exciting place to be!

  3. Creda · January 18, 2010

    Spottings: I just had impromptu lunches/drinks with Matt Cox twice in the past few weeks (once last week, even) in the Beanery window. Sadly, he has stopped working at Maxwell’s and was about to leave Morgantown to stay with his sister for a while in other parts of WV.

    I know that Matt still talks with Sharon and that she is doing great these days. Brian is still in Oakland and is a bit MIA. I talk occasionally with his ex sister inlaw Connie (now in SF via NY) and his nephew Ezra (in Motown).

    What about David Wallington? Last I heard he was in the Bay area and working for Disney animation, maybe? I have tried many times to track him down, unsuccessfully. Any David news?

    Oh, and Michael Butcher is in Baltimore, right? I need to FB him.

  4. michelle oxley · January 18, 2010

    Thank you, Toby! This is soooooooooo great, and great info, too! I’m on my second round of tunes. Those bands were such a great lifetime!

  5. Sharon R. Wolfe · January 29, 2010

    Gee, I wonder whatever happened to me…

  6. Sharon R. Wolfe · January 29, 2010

    Brian’s in Berkeley.
    Matt’s leaving town again? It was so weird to find him living on Kingwood St. again, working at Maxwell’s. I almost expected to find him standing nude outside his apt. in the snow chewing acrylic paint again, complaining, “this stuff tastes like shit!” Too much gimson weed. Or was that belladonna. One afternoon, he came outta Connie’s bathroom and down the stairs into the kitchen, totally naked, with his dick tucked between his legs exclaiming, “Look! I’m a woman!”
    I miss Matt.

    I saw Connie last week. And her & her new hubby are coming over tomorrow morn.

    Hi Creda!

    Love u, Stace.

    I miss the Excuses.

    I just discovered this pg almost by accident. Neato!

  7. Sharon R. Wolfe · January 29, 2010

    Geez, so many AGAINS in that last post. Freaky. This is the 2nd time this week someone has pondered on the whereabouts of Dave Wallington. He’s out here? Mebbe he works at Disney/Pixar Studios in Emeryville. It’s like a half a mile from me. Okay, I’ll leave u all in peace now,


  8. J Marinelli · February 1, 2010

    Thanks so much for this; I lost all of my Velez Manifesto cassettes years ago and I’m pleasantly surprised at how well these songs have aged.
    Now it’s time to pester Tom, Sei, Scott, and Jimmy for a reunion show at 123 Pleasant Street, Fall 2010!

  9. Laura · February 1, 2010

    I held on to Gene Pool tapes with a vice grip, but have never been abel to find any of my Velez tapes. Cannot believe hearing these songs again… cannot believe I can still dance like that.

  10. eli · February 1, 2010

    just wanted to say thank you
    oh & stacy please dont discount morgantowns new upstarts

  11. Nic · February 1, 2010

    This is a current band that really reminds me of Velez and just happens to be from Tacoma, for you Seattleites. Especially the song “Cosmic Clancy”…

  12. Sharon · February 1, 2010

    I’m glad to find that Soy and Tom are still playing/recording. I remember when Sei 1st started playing w/Ubermensch, he was so stage-shy he’d play behind his monitor w/his back to the audience! Thanx for posting the Velez pics/tunes. The 1st time I heard Tom play was on a cassette Bri gave me: Side 1 was the Residents, Side 2 said Excusez – Play Loud! I did…until it broke. Morgantown had its own lil scene even before the P-burgh invasion: Rudy & the Caucasians, Dash & the Riprocks, Liquid Spine, The Excuses. Once bands like the Jetsons, Carsickness, the Cardboards, Boystown, etc. started coming down to do shows Tom had already developed his own playing style. I always liked Gene Pool too. They kinda grew out of the Excuses like Empty Set/Prototype/the Wake grew out of the Jetsons. Velez absorbed all these influences, then tossed them and created their own thing. And the fact that Tom was both multi-talented AND a cuteypie didn’t hurt, either. It was the perfect time for a velez-manifestation.

  13. Jonathan · February 2, 2010

    Nice to read the comments from old Morgantowners and Velez lovers. Fact is, just reading this article takes me back, way back. I was working at Maxwells as a cook back in 86, when Velez was still going strong. Tom was a fellow cook (helped to train me when I started there), Jimmy X was a dishwasher and Bill Atwill (th’Inbred and Shank, Swing, & the Divots) worked there for awhile, too. I’m sure looking back over 25 years helps to romanticize things a bit, but it really was a great place to be. Morgantown was a great place to grow up and go to college. The great thing, as people have said, is to listen to this old stuff and realize that it really was good music made by people with real talent.

  14. Tom Moore · February 9, 2010

    WOW. It is so nice to be remembered so fondly, and I certainly remember you all fondly. I especially get enthused if anyone mentions the Excuses. We played every Friday night, and it was just a blast every time back in… 1980 or something. So, Hi Sharon, Hi CREDIA! Hi Jonathan, Hi Laura, Hi Stacey, Hi J, Hi Stacey, Hi Michelle, Hi Rob. There will never be a reunion of VM, so sorry to any of you that would wish that. My email is, you are all welcome to contact me. It is great to see you are all alive.

    • Sharon · February 9, 2010

      Hi Tom! Yes, it is great to see myself alive, as well! I noticed above I said I always liked Gene Pool (which I did), but I meant to say Human Remains. And some of the funnest nights of my misspent youth were at Excuses gigs. SB’s birthday party will forever be engraved upon my brain. I think it was on Halloween. I’ll msg u when I can, and catch up on ur current projects.

      Take care,


  15. Brian Hall · July 6, 2010

    HEY YALL. YOU KNO WHO U ARE. IT was good to read all of you.*&^%#@@%&)@##$$ Tom&more rember when you came into my dreams as a human meat grinder almost as sceary as my trazadone dreams. till next time east clint wood. I HAVE A NEW BAND OC/DC! LOVE HOMO PHLEGM AKA BRIAN HALL.

  16. Brian Hall · July 6, 2010

    HEY HILLBILLYS MY email is hit me up!

  17. Brian Hall · July 7, 2010


  18. Teresa Swanigan · July 23, 2010

    Wow is this ever a walk down memory lane. So nice to see so many here. I’m not Teresa Swanigan anymore, but no one would recognize my married name. Tom, I always did wish you the best and fully expected to see you, Sei, and Jimmy show up on the TV somewhere. I’m sorry I left the way I did, but it was the best I could do for everyone at the time. I still wish you all well. Now to link this to Sydney, who is in NY; Bobb, who is in Pittsburgh; and Billy, who is in New Jersey. They are the only ones from those days I still have contact with, and I couldn’t even do that until the past few years. Marsha’s advice to me was it was best to make a clean total break. I miss her like mad, too. The sound and quality of those songs stand up to the test of time. And, Tom, I hope you’re still playing as well. You have far too much talent not to.

  19. Andrew OVERMAN · July 30, 2010

    Thank you so much for the article and mp3s which took me way back to high school. I would move heaven and earth back then to see these guys at the Underground and Dry House. I mean, I would see every show I could. I have only the fondest memories of these guys. I love having these mp3s now as the only cassette tapes I had of them, which were of crappy quality even back then, have long been destroyed.

  20. Brian Hall · November 5, 2010


    • Connie White (Hall) · November 14, 2010

      Yo SMARTAY PANTZ – SKipping coasts before we ever hooked up…DAMHAM.


      • Brian Hall · November 14, 2010


  21. Brian Hall · December 8, 2010


  22. romneyroz · January 8, 2011

    Wow!!! So great to read all of these posts. It brings back such great memories!!
    Hi Teresa , Hi Brian!!! ROZ ps I miss Mike terribly :(((

  23. Brian Hall · January 8, 2011


  24. victor velez · February 19, 2011

    Morgantown was my vacation spot back in the day. I have fond memories of the great alternative scene back then. Visiting Sei and his friends was great fun. I remember the day they came up with the name Velez Maniphesto. I was honored to lend my name to the band. Morgantown thanks for the memories.

  25. Joyce Kotzuk Dawes · March 7, 2011

    Wow, this is great! What a walk down memory lane as someone already said. Thanks for this great article on my favorite band. Oh, the nights of dancing, dancing, dancing… We were so blessed and I for one did not realize it at the time. Thanks to all who posted. Love you all! Oh yea, one more thing, when I lived in Albuquerque, I met this woman in the grocery store who knew Billy Atwell, from I think Texas, did he live there for awhile back in the ’90s?

  26. Joyce Kotzuk Dawes · March 7, 2011

    I actually think I still have a cassette that is still playable, gotta look for that thing.

  27. Sharon R. Wolfe · March 8, 2011

    Didn’t he play w/Ed Ivey and the Rhythm Pigs for a while? I think they were from El Paso.

    • Shawn · May 26, 2013

      Yes, Billy played with the Rhythm Pigs for a while…I think around 1988-89.

  28. Brent · April 25, 2011

    I would LOVE to acquire a copy of “Pretty Eye”. My cassette of it died about ten years ago! Thank Odin (snicker) for that which is available on the web! Fnord!

  29. BRIAN HALL · May 16, 2011


  30. Stephanie davis · September 3, 2011

    I seem to remember being the “s” of BMS and coining several of thoselisted titlesfor the group.Does Boone remember my crazy chimes,trombone or. Abbreviated version of stormy. Weather? When I used to askdylan who was singing,he said “that’s you when you were a man.” love Velez. Miss Velez. ESP 12 shades ofgrey.

  31. Stephanie davis · September 3, 2011

    Ubermench? So. Much good. Music in morgantown in the 80s….I would pay for Velez n gene pool music. All of. My machines are still. Breaking down.

    • Brian Hall · September 3, 2011

      OMG! I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO KNOW WHERE YOUR ARE AND HOW YOU ARE DOING FOR A LONG TIME. I AM BACK IN MORGANTOWN W/ MY HUSBAND JOHN! ARE YOU ON fb? i will look for you! my email is phone# is 1 510 377 5977. hop to hear from you stephanie davis!

  32. Sharon R. Wolfe · February 23, 2012

    High Stephanie!

    Yes oh yes, u for sure were an S in that Mess, the last S, in fact. I still have tapes of u guys somewhere, Bri used to mail them to me so’s I could stay up to date on the band’s evolution/revolution/devolution/whatever; some are broken, but one day I’ll get up the nerve to try to repair them. Prior to u three, Matt & Brian & I were BeAMess for quite some time, I still have a bunch of those tapes too; twas a stroke of luck u were also an S–I moved out to L.A., u moved into the initial, and all was still weird, as it should be. I played w/em in Dyslexic too for a bit. Prior to allathat, we were RUDef, and Alien?Nation! Just this past December, I was blessed w/the opportunity to play w/Bri again (and a buncha other freakazoids from past Morgantown musical incarnations, Think Mother Vein, the Creepin’ Willies, etc). We had a blast, coining ourselves Pillbilly, and the recording New Years Atom. I’m still waiting for a copy of that session. Hintiehint. So glad to hear u are alive and well. Would be great to see u again, my tromboney sister. Take care now,


    • sharonthedyslexicmess · February 24, 2012

      Members of Los Listravianos Volantandos were also present for the hollyday jam, awa LeatherMan and Boy, and Don Luzi. The only thing missing was ur ‘bone. Are u in Motown? Where u live now? Tom’s back, huh? Didn’t get to see him. Wish he woulda surfaced. NYE @ 123 was a hoot. We all danced like mad for hours and enjoyed every minute of it; even my boy Syd (man, actually, he’s 25 now), joined in!

  33. George R. Smith · October 28, 2012

    My band shared a bill with VM in Macon, Georgia around 86-87. We really liked them and bought one of their cassettes. The tape is long gone, but I have always remembered the band name. Nice to come across this article.

  34. anne toren · February 6, 2013

    greatings of love to all…..Velez, Tom, Brian, Stephanie, and all others who shared such a magical time….the 80s … it rocked and the best of all, for me, was the incredible loving community we were in. i’ve been sober for 21 years….. yes. me!!! i’ve been working as a psychotherapist for 16. bad knees…. remember tom the day the three of us (sei too)…went to swim? email:

  35. anne toren · February 6, 2013

    hi to victor and joyce…xoxoxoox anne
    v, sorry i had to leave that morning…too soon.
    joyce, let’s get together again SOON.
    are you coming to Mo’town in may???
    much love…

  36. anne toren · February 6, 2013

    was there the last night of the UNDERGROUND RR!!! best damn bar in the whole wide world!!! stu archer rocked and made it all a perfect send off. left for CA the next day back in 1989. lived in CA for 4 years and now back in mo’town. xoxoxo
    would love to see you, tom…..

    • Brian Hall · February 8, 2013

      Anne been here almost 2 years! It would be great to see you. Get my phone # from Beth & Murph. Maybe we can meet over at their house & watch a movie, Murph has had a DVD Or ours for a year & still hasn’t watched it yet! So let me/them know. And yes there is some new music popping up in Motown these day, Tom new band would be great to see!

    • Brian Hall · February 8, 2013

      Anne been here almost 2 years! It would be great to see you. Get my phone # from Beth & Murph. Maybe we can meet over at their house & watch a movie, Murph has had a DVD Or ours for a year & still hasn’t watched it yet! So let me/them know. And yes there is some new music popping up in Motown these day, Toms new band would be great to see!

      • anne toren · February 14, 2013

        hi bri-bri……. we must get together!!!!! can’t wait to see you. i work thursday thru monday which sucks cuz every weekend i’m working…boo hoo. but we will definitely get together, love, wonderful memories of you dancing at the URR….. so awesome….

  37. Joyce Kotzuk Dawes · February 13, 2013

    Ah, hello again old friends! Yes, I’ll be in M’town in May for the reunion, probably a few times before then too for brunch/lunch at Maxwells. Anne! I lost touch with you, but will definitely see you in May, I’ll let you know if I’m coming down before then. Love you all!!!

    • anne toren · February 14, 2013

      hi joycey!!! let me know when you will be in town. i am still working weekends which suck but i’m planning on taking a day or two off for the reunion. i’m living by the hospital. i hope all is well with you!!! love anne-bo

  38. Jolie · March 15, 2013

    Still hoping to snag a pair of tix for the reunion show in May (although they appear to have sold out in a blink). May come back to Mgntn for the weekend regardless… it’d be good to see some of you!

  39. Duff · April 5, 2013

    Sorry all, didn’t have time to read all comments here. But I’m fairly sure Hüsker Dü never played the U.R. (Other SST bands, yes.) But of course Velez was great. Our very dark purple band. -Duff

  40. Nathan · March 22, 2016

    Any way to get mp3’s of the songs here? The links are broken and I’d love to check them out.I live in Morgantown and 123 has a great scene going at the moment with some EXCELLENT local bands

    • Toby · March 23, 2016

      Nathan, Velez Manifesto has a Soundcloud page that has all the songs.

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