The Midwinter Lull: Basementcast #9

It Always Rains In My Town
photo from Fractal Artist

Although he’s from Georgia, Abner Jay’s I’m So Depressed rings true in the PNW in the middle of winter. Rain is the rule, dark is the law and everyone is just trying to get along, trying to make it to the spring, or some sunny local somewhere south. The holiday gift giving, blog list-making, eggnog induced halcyon haze of December has long since passed and were just tying to get our vitamin D deprived bodies to some more daylight and ultraviolet bliss.
Well, face up man, it’s the middle of January and things ain’t gettin’ better for a long while. So, what do you do? It’s quite simple. You inject yourself with a vial full of basementcast, a big bottle of something and you hibernate until spring.

download: basementcast #9 (~200 Mb)

It Always Rains in My Town  – Vegetarian Meat from Let’s Pet
I’m So Depressed –  Abner Jay from True Story of Abner Jay
The Night We Ran Away – At Swim Two Birds from Before You Left

1000 Miles An Hour – Good Shoes from No Hope, No Future
Crying shame – The Blanche Hudson Weekend from The Letters To Daddy EP
Hug The Harbour – Emma Pollock from The Law Of Large Numbers

Shouldna Started Trouble – Naomi Punk from Naomi Punk
Sunburn – Pearl Harbor from Something About The Chaparrals

Beat The Horse – Pomplamoose from Pomplamoose VideoSongs
Downed Economy – Emil And Friends from Tranparent 7

Blastit… – Shabazz Palaces from Shabazz Palaces (the brown one)
You Monopolise Me – The Ogyatanaa Show Band from Ghana Special
Auckland CBD Part 2 – Lawrence Arabia from Chant Darling

Fun from Sourpatch from Crushin’
Keep Me Warm – Outdoor Miners from Twelve Hundred Dollars 7″
Monorail – Pugwash from Giddy

Good Advice – The Twerps from The Twerps
Cross the Street – The Electric Bunnies from Through the Magical Door
Revolution Queen – Rough Bunnies from Scapegoat

A Million Things – Lucy Show from Mania
Girl In The Fur-Skin Rug – deVries from Death To God
Blue Flower – Mazzy Star from She Hangs Brightly

The Polaroid Song – Allo Darlin’ from The Polaroid Song Single
Lovin’ On An Older Gal – Sonny And The Sunsets from Tomorrow is Alright soft abuse
The Old Graveyard – Gigi from Maintenant

Danger Overboard – Tender Trap from The Matinée Grand Prix
Fragile – Frankie & The Heartstrings from Frankie & The Heartstrings
In Love – Marine Girls from Lazy Ways/Beach Party

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