Thunder Buffalo

I was kind of kicking myself the other day for not having gone out to the Cha Cha Lounge to see Thunder Buffalo this past Sunday night.  Their self-titled album has been rocking my world of late, but apparently not enough to get me out on a school night.  Lucky for me that they have a few gigs scheduled in the next two months.

The band are based here in Seattle by way of Austin and are a combination, of parts Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Gallon Drunk and Thee Oh Sees.  Main Buffalo Aaron Schroeder, the Austinite, has kind of a dark and mysterious voice that has elements of Nick Cave and Jim Morrison.  They released their debut album digitally late last year, but this week sees it get the physical treatment.  The album will send sparks out of your music player in whatever format you may favor with it’s in the red distortion and overmodulated vocals.  You might think, with song titles like Hymn of the Devil, In the Valley of the Scarecrow and Holly Ghost Haunt that they’re goths.  They may be, but they’re definitely more the salt of the earth kind who also know how to have fun.  It’s not all fire and brimstone, there are also magic carpets in Gloomy In Us All and BeBop Sing-a-long takes a trip to a bunch of local bars and has a rollicking good time.  Thunder Buffalo are a magic carpet ride of down and dirty lo-fi mayhem.

mp3: Thunder Buffalo – BeBop Sing-a-long (put your order in for their self-titled Sarathan release)

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