Sing Sang Sung

Another one from Seattle: Le Sang Song is the low key solo vehicle of Craig Chambers who is also in the Lights (new album from them due out latter this month) and Love Tan. Apparently the record has been in the can for a couple years gathering dust. Min Yee of the A-Frames and AFCGT decided it was too good to not get released so he resurrected Dragnet Records to put out the record.

Recorded on Eric Blood’s old 8-track, the album is sparse and claustrophobic at the same time. The songs have a folk influence to them, but the big echoing drums,  and space in the recordings give the songs a tense feel.  Chambers is economical with his guitar, to great effect.  He seems to conjure a good groove in every song, not one you can really dance to necessarily, more of a hypnotic groove.  I think my two favorite songs on the album are the first and the last ones.  Gingerella starts the record off with a catchy riff that is then overlayed with a slithery lead part that quickly disappears when Chambers starts singing from what sounds like deep below the earth’s surface through some long hollow tube.  Aloha, the final song begins with a bass riff that sounds like it was lifted from Curtis Mayfield‘s Superfly, adds in some weird keyboards and guitar and then proceeds to groove over four blissed out minutes with Chambers singing over that skeletal structure about remembering swimsuits on sunny days.  The song and the record itself is not one designed to get you through the bleakness of winter, as much as one that feels your pain.

mp3: Le Sang Song – Gingerella (from s/t album 0n Dragnet 660 copies pressed)

mp3: Le Sang Song – Aloha (from s/t album 0n Dragnet – 660 copies pressed)

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  1. LB · February 10, 2010

    This is good. Thanks.

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