Global Warming Is Getting Me Down

Taking their name from the cost of a ride in zone 1 on you local public transit, Standard Fare have written one of my favorite songs of the year so far in Philadelphia.  Emma Kupa sings: Global warming is getting me down.  It’s making the the sea between us wider and deeper.  Now, I’m not Moses and I don’t know how to split up the ocean and drive right on over. From there the band turn into a mini Wedding Present with a strummed guitar maelstrom and a chorus about waiting a year to see a certain person in Philadelphia.  It kind of puts a new perspective of the whole global warming thing.  Maybe mankind start doing something about it when it starts getting in the way of love?

Standard Fare are a three piece from Sheffield, England who have released a string of singles on their hometown label Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation.  Besides glints of the afore mentioned TWP, they have a little in common with label mates Monkey Swallows the Universe / Nat Johnson & The Figureheads and seem to drink from the same well as Los Campesinos some of the time.  Having released the prerequisite singles, the band have readied their debut long player and as luck would have it, it’s getting released on both sides of the Atlantic. Thee SPC and Melodic Records will be doing the honors over in the UK and Bar None over here.  The record is called the Noyelle Beat, and was expeditiously recorded in a mere six days.  Pop seems to run thick in the blood of these youngsters, and the record delivers meaty hook after hook, with no concern for artery blockage.  As luck would have it the sea is apparently not too deep nor too wide at this point to stop them from making a trip outside their transit zone. If you’re in one of a handful of cities, the band will be making the trip over to the States for a string of dates that will lead them down to Austin for SXSW in March.

mp3: Standard Fare – Philadelphia (place your order for The Noyelle Beat)

The March US dates for Standard Fare:

Mar 11 – Cake Shop – New York City, NY
Mar 12 – The Ox – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 13 – Cafe 9 – New Haven, CT
Mar 14 – Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY
Mar 15 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
Mar 17 – Music For listeners day party – Austin, TX
Mar 19 – SXSW Showcase at Mohawk inside – Austin, TX

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