A Record Store That Knows My Name

Seattleites have been blessed with quite a lot of good record stores, and most of them thankfully are still in business. Our luck in having so many outlets in the city to spend money on records may be tenuous at best, but as they say carpe diem.  That is exactly what Chris Mac has done by starting up a new record store / mail order.  The store is called  Jigsaw Records, and is due to open it’s doors here in Seattle this Saturday.  As I said, Seattle has more than its fair share of record stores, but up to now it did not have one that focuses on indiepop.  Jigsaw promises to do just that.  The store will sell records from small to tiny labels from around the globe, and it promises to be all things  “indiepop, power pop, indie rock, lo-fi pop, twee, and pretty much any other kind of fun pop music that we fancy”.  So, if you’re looking for a pop record from Europa, Peru, the Philippines, or Swaziland, Jigsaw is the new place to stop on your treasure hunt .  Not sure if there are any indiepop bands in Swaziland, but if there are I bet you’ll be able to pick up their 7″ single at Jigsaw.

The store opens this Saturday morning at 11am, with the grand opening festivities starting 7pm that night with Math & Physics Club making their return (has it really been two years since they last played) and D. Crane from BOAT playing.  The store is located in Ballard in the upstairs part of Resolution Audio and Video at 5459 Leary Ave NW, probably right next to Dissonant Plane another record store in the same space that specializes in drone, noise and death metal.   So while you’re filling up on sugar coated pop, you can also get your  allowance of death metal all in the same stop.  Talk about convenience.

mp3: Close Lobsters – In Spite of These Times (from Foxheads Stalk This Land)

If you’re interested to read more about the state of Seattle record stores, the Stranger interviews a handful of the city’s proprietors for an article in this week’s issue.  One of the questions they ask the group is would you open a record store now?  The article doesn’t talk about Jigsaw, but it would have been interesting to get the perspective someone doing just that.

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