Do Not Fear the Wounded Lion

Wounded Lion by Dawn Chenette

After seeing Wounded Lion at Trailer Space Records at SxSW, I went up to see what they had for sale.  I was hoping they would have copies of their new album that is due soon on In The Red.  No luck, but singer Brad Eberhard pulled out some t-shirts saying that they were a variation on something something something.  His words kind of went in one ear and out the other, my attention span was for naught on this fourth day of music overload.  Whatever he was saying about the artwork on the shirt, he sounded like he I should know what he was talking about.  Probably how I sound when I’m telling someone about some new 7″ single.  I nodded, forked over my $10 bucks and told him they should come up and play Seattle.

Later, I come to find out that Brad Eberhard is not only the singer of one of the best new bands around, he’s also quite an accomplished painter. His  paintings are vibrant creations using lots of color, shapes and collage style, kinda like Wounded Lion songs. The paintings may be a bit more refined, compared to the his band’s self confessed love of the primitive.  They claim the Cramps and the Monks as influences as well as such UK legends as the Move, the Creation and Kinks, and I would throw in early Echo & the Bunnymen.  These are all bands everyone in their right mind looks up to, but Wounded Lion seem to be able to take their influences and turn them into these odd, eccentric, big sounding, catchy, songs.  Some might call it geek-rock, but Wounded Lion sound a little bit menacing, something  true geeks might never consider.

After three singles, the band are finally letting loose an album of their crazy Los Angeles version of cave rock.  I don’t think there’s a bad apple in the bunch.  The record starts off with three quick shots.  Hungry? leaves you wondering what kind of strange pets these guys live with, then Creatures In the Cave invites you into their cave to get down, with Eberhard belting out I’m in the Cave over top of a manic scratchy guitar riff.  Song number three takes us to Yoda’s home, the Degoba System, it’s another cave stomper, except this time on another planet.  The cave stomping doesn’t end there, both Cloud Carol and Pony People from their out of print debut single shows up in re-recorded versions.  The band only slow down for the closing country and western tinged 12 Crunchy Stars, giving themselves a chance to show off the more sensitive of  their cave-man selves.

mp3: Wounded Lion – Creatures In the Cave

The Wounded Lion album is out on In the Red on 27 April

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