Sourpatch and the Space-Time Continuum

Emmett Brown did it using a Dolorean, a flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. I read in this month’s CityArts magazine that University of  Washington professor John Cramer is trying to do it using photon lasers and crystals. Einstein even had a theory about it.  No question about it, physicists, Sci-Fi nuts and the general public are kind of obsessed with time travel. So, it’s pretty amazing that no attention has been paid to a little band from San Jose, California who have figured out how to do it with a record.

If you put on Sourpatch‘s record Crushin’ you will immediately be swept back in a whirlwind of fuzzy guitars, smile inducing choruses, and the general bliss of those heady days of the early 90’s when SpinArt, Slumberland, K, Pop Narcotic, Simple Machines, et al. ruled your stereo.  For those of you too young to have memories of that time, or not born yet, give it a try, it’s guaranteed to work for even you.  Who would have thought time travel would be so simple and cheap.  For the price of a record you can have a go.

Sourpatch are currently on tour and bringing their spring-time charm to the Pacific Northwest this week, they play Seattle on Thursday at 20-20 Cycles.  Check the dates below for a venue near you where the band will send you back in time:

Apr 5   Blast-O-Mat House (2935 w.7th ave.)  –   Denver, CO
Apr 6   Salt Lake City House Party! (1963 Evergreen avenue)  –   Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 7   The Office (5320 emerald)  –  Boise, ID
Apr 8   20/20 CYCLE (2020 East Union) – Seattle, WA
Apr 9   Vajay street house (1602 Vajay Street)  –  Bellingham, WA
Apr 10  Punk All – Olympia, WA
Apr 11  Portland – Portland, OR

mp3: Sourpatch – Crushin’

Order up your own personal copy of the time defying Sourpatch record from their label, Happy Happy Birthday To Me.

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