Nice Face

Initially I was a little hesitant about Nice Face.  I don’t normally buy records that have giant penises on them.  Think what you want, but I don’t normally buy records with giant vagina’s on them either.  Being an American, I’ve got nudity hang-ups.  So, it’s lucky for me that the Nice Face record that just came out on Sacred Bones has a cover with what looks like a small child ready to be strangled by a cat headed snake.  You have it right, we Americans love demented violence,but freak out at the sight of genitalia.

Hang-ups aside, this one man band (Ian Magee) should be right up your alley if your alley is lined with the Damned and Cabaret Voltaire.   Half of the songs on Immer Etwas are straightforward punk rock numbers while the other half employ synthesizers that create a dense atmosphere reminiscent of the afore mentioned Cabaret Voltaire or Suicide.  It’s pretty immediate stuff, and sometimes brilliant.  Favorites of mine are Nobody’s Dead Here, Beater, I Want Your Damage and A Minor Altercation.

The album comes in both vinyl and CD format (no cassette yet). If you opt for the CD it tacks six additional songs from previous singles.  Who says the CD is a dead format?

mp3: Nice Face – Nobody’s Dead Here

mp3: Nice Face – I Want Your Damage

Order up your own private copy, CD or vinyl over at the band’s label, Sacred Bones.

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