Together Alone

I missed the first two EP’s put out last year by Göteborg, Sweden band the Isolation, but with EP number three, I am now on board.  Not that the first two EP’s were lacking, au contraire, both are packed full of quality bliss fueled songs, heavy on the jangling and distorted guitars, and breathy, sighing.  Somehow the band hasn’t reached critical mass in blogland, which is kind of surprising since they draw on obscure references cherished by likes of people like myself.   What obscure references you may wonder?  The singer sounds like Alan McGee from his Biff Bang Pow! days and the music ranges from early Church to House of Love to Stone Roses to Ride to Razorcuts.

EP number three was just recently put up for download by the band on Pirate Bay, the same thing they’ve done for the previous two.  Call me old fashioned, but somehow I feel like I should pay for music this good.

mp3: The Isolation – Drop (from EP 3)

mp3: The Isolation – Decade (from EP 2)

mp3: The Isolation – Dancing Away (from EP 1)

One comment

  1. Ben E Lux · April 13, 2010

    Of course you can pay for it.
    It’s on I Tunes now, EP 1 and EP 2.

    Check out the vid for dancing away!

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