Last Time For the Cave Weddings

So this is it, the second and final single from Albany, New York’s Cave Weddings.  How gone are they, well, they’ve deleted their myspace page, effectively draping a shroud of mystery around themselves.  Last summer they came into my world with their single on HoZac and now this spring they leave it with their second single on Bachelor.  I’m not exactly sure why the band has split, though I gather that it’s because they no longer live in the same city.  You can read and interview with Erin Dorbin at Kind Turkey for clues about their demise.

Both songs on the new Bachelor single are two minute 50’s inspired rock n’ roll. The A-side is appropriately titled Last Time and is sung by Eric LaGrange and in similar of the Bring Your Love/ Let’s Drive 7″ from last year.  The flip side features Erin on lead vocals.  Both songs will have you wishing for this band to have lasted longer than the couple years and few records they did. Oh well, at least they didn’t go down in a plane crash like Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, meaning keep your eye out for what Eric La Grange and Erin Dorbin do next.

mp3: Cave Weddings – Never Never Know

Order up your copy over at Bachelor, if you’re lucky they may still have it on the beautiful lime green vinyl.


  1. todd · May 4, 2010

    be on the lookout for Eric & the Happy Thoughts debut Lp, coming this summer on HoZac too!

    • Toby · May 5, 2010

      That shouldn’t be too hard to remember, since everything you guys put out is on my radar.

  2. Erin · May 4, 2010

    Also, keep an eye out for future work by animator, printmaker, daddy and drummer extraordinaire, Nathan Meltz, too!

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