In the Web of the Mind Spiders

Mark Ryan of the Marked Men has a new incarnation, he is the Mind Spiders. A bit less intense but no less vital, this debut 7″ on Dirtnap is four songs from the north Texas man that will make you glad the guy is moonlighting. You can’t be shouts and phlegm all the time, sometimes you need to put a little pain and aching into your songs and that is what the Mind Spiders do.
These songs come perilously close to powerpop, a genre that seems to get no respect. In fact, if I didn’t know that this was on Dirtnap, I would have guessed Atlanta’s Douchemaster. Ryan’s vocals are distorted just a touch steering them close to the zeitgeist, but nothing too distracting. Of the four songs on this 7 inch there is not a bad one in the lot. I’m not sure if this is a one off thing, but based on the quality of this seven inches of vinyl he could easily go for twelve.

mp3: Mind Spiders – Worlds Destroyed

Order up your own personal copy of this record direct from Dirtnap

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