Spending Warm Summer Days Outdoors

Something had been missing from the Seattle scene for the last few years, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I realized right after hearing the warm chiming guitar that begins their new single Jimmy Had a Polaroid that it was Math and Physics Club.  Bucking the no/lo trend and keeping with a softer and smoother side of things they keep your attention with attention to detail like those chiming guitars I mentioned and a supple melody supplied by Charles Bert.  The song evokes a nostalgic euphoria of some beautiful adolescent summer afternoon spent in company of best friends and pretty girls.  Math and Physics Club are so good at songs that make you happy and sad at once, and this one does exactly that.

The band have been on a hiatus since their 2007 EP Baby I’m Yours, and have pared their ranks, losing their violin player Saundrah Humphrey to Denmark, and Drummer Kevin Emerson to his own busy schedule, but they haven’t lost their sublime pop hooks.  Jimmy Had a Polaroid is the first single from their upcoming second album entitled I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do out next month.  Their label Matinée has decided to commemorate the return of the sole American band on the their roster with a glorious 7″ single with an exclusive B-side The Sound Of Snow.

mp3: Math and Physics Club – Jimmy Had a Polaroid

You can order up copies of the 7″ and the album from Matinée.

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