Alex Kemp Not Giving Up

I had nearly forgotten about Alex Kemp. It’s been quite a few years since his days in Rhode Island’s fantastic Small Factory (Someone needs to reissue their painfully out of print singles compilation Industrial Evolution).  After Small Factory broke up Kemp started the Godrays with Small Factory drummer Phoebe Summersquash. That lasted for one album after which Kemp formed the Assassins.  To be honest I was never much of a Godrays fan and I didn’t know about the Assassins until looking at Kemp’s biography, but those Small Factory records are some 90’s indiepop classics.

Kemp has recently started his first solo endeavor and the first fruits fell from the tree earlier this month.  It’s a four song EP called Rat D’Hotel which promises to be the first in a series of EP’s that are each limited to 250 copies.  Musically, it’s pretty far removed from Small Factory.  Kemp still possess his gentle voice, but he’s singing over danceable, lounge inspired grooves. It kind of reminds me of Erlend Øye’s Whitest Boy Alive.  No bad thing in my book.  Mr. Kemp it is good to have you back.

mp3: Alex Kemp – On Your Side

Head on over to Alex’s site to order your copy of Rat D’Hotel, while you’re there you can light some things on fire with the orange lighter.


  1. janice · May 20, 2010

    oh, this is awesome news! that’s not phoebe on backing vocals though, is it? (wishful thinking…)

    • Toby · May 20, 2010

      No Phoebe I’m afraid. That would be cool…

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