The Green Flash of the Spires

Late last summer the ultra-laid-back sounds of the Spires hit me by surprise with their second album A Way of Seeing.  The three piece Ventura, California band are back with an EP entitled Curved Space that picks up right where they left off last year.  You can tell the Spires come from a sea side town, their songs have this kind of oceanic quality to them that evokes set after set  of waves rolling onto the shore. The sing-song quality of Jason Bay’s vocals have a tenderness to them that makes me think he’s somehow related to Martin Phillips of  seminal New Zealand band  the Chills.  The relation isn’t a blood one, but one of the Pacific Ocean and aesthetics.  The seven songs have a woozy essence to them, partly informed by shoegaze, psychedelia and the ocean.  Shimmering guitars easily bring to mind surf, sunsets and endless summers.  This most certainly is a record that was made to be brought to the beach and played as you wait for that green flash.

mp3: The Spires – Dreamer In My Mind

Order up your copy of Curve Air from the Spires’ label Beehouse Records and check out this video for Orange Yellow, another song on the EP.


  1. Xanthi · June 9, 2010

    thanks so much for this. i’ve discovered lots of great music thanks to your blog!

    • Toby · June 10, 2010

      Cool! Thanks for reading.

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