The Purrs Tearing Down Paisley Garden

The Purrs kick off their latest EP with a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Cover.  Only Dreaming which comes from the Lorry’s album Nothing Wrong was kind of a plodding dirge from the UK quasi goths.  The Purrs on the other hand make the song soar.  Guitars come diving in from multiple directions and Jima out disaffects the Lorry’s Chris Reed with his dead-pan vocal.  The Purrs vastly improve on the Lorry’s source code, altering it to the point of making it their own.

Tearing Down Paisley Garden seems to be a kind of a stop gap between albums where the band hone their spaced-out paisley rock.  It allows them to stretch out and clear the closet of old favorites that they never gave enough attention to, do a couple cover songs, and fit in a couple new ones that didn’t quite fit onto last year’s Amused Confused and More Bad News.  Live favorites Just A Little More and It Could Be So Wonderful finally get laid down to tape, and there’s another cover in Lee Hazlewood’s I Move Around.  The Purrs have been going for ten years with no signs of slowing.  Tearing Down Paisley Garden continues the Church, Luna and contrary to the its title, Paisley Underground direction.  The band seem to have the uncanny ability to toss off laid back spacey vibrations without raising their heart rates.  Here’s to their continued good health and the next ten years.

mp3: The Purrs – Only Dreaming

Order up your copy of Tearing Down Paisley Garden direct from the band. If you live around these parts, be sure to head on over to the Crocodile for the their CD release gig on 24 June.
mp3: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Only Dreaming

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