Strawberries Are Growing in My Garden (and It’s Wintertime)

The new Young Sinclairs is like a paisley slice of Forever Changes cake, an overgrowth of kudzu Murmers, a play where the characters are wearing Their Satanic Majesties Request wizard costumes, a Blurred Crusade to an Unguarded Moment, an Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, a Lolita Nation and a Clue leading to Megan’s bed.

Did the Roanoke, Virgina band record this in Mitch Easter’s Drive-In Studio 25 years ago?  No.  For all intents and purposes the Young Sinclairs are a one man band on record and the one man is Sam Lunsford.  Is he an unsung genius or just another guy in his bedroom recording songs and putting them out on CD-r’s?  Based on his new album Chimeys (his seventh if your counting) I would go with the former.  After hearing this album you’ll likely find yourself wanting to catch up, searching out the other six albums.  For convenience and brevity, Kindercore released a sort of best of earlier this year that you can pick up and bring yourself up to speed.  If that ain’t enough, the Young Sinclairs also have a 7″ coming soon on Planting Seeds.  Gotta go, the paisleys and kudzu need tending in the garden.

mp3: The Young Sinclairs -Kind of Soul (get the limited edition purple vinyl straight from the source: Chimney Sweep Records)

mp3: The Young Sinclairs – Girl, I’m For Real (get the 7″ from Planting Seeds)

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