Intelligence on the Intelligence

The new Intelligence album is called Males and is out on In The Red on 24 August. (I feel like MBV…actually this post would stop after the first sentence, the album artwork would be larger and a lot more of you would be looking at this if that were the case.)

This record is reported to be a full band effort as opposed to the regular Lars doing it all himself thing.  As evidenced by the track list it contains some songs previously released elsewhere, though they are undoubtedly rerecorded.  Chris Woodhouse is in the producer’s chair , as well as now being a full time member of the band.

1.  Bong Life
2.  Tuned To Puke
3.  Sailor Itch
4.  The Universe
5.  Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
6.  Estate Sales
7.  Mom Or A Parking Lot
8.  White Corvette
9.  The Beetles
10.  Chateau Bandit
11.  Males

In other related Intelligence news: this Thursday is the final Trainwreck of the summer.  Trainwreck is the monthly party that happens at the Orient Express where half of the Intelligence (Finberg and Susannah Welbourne) get all gussied up and perform as Puberty.  You don’t want to miss it.


  1. LB · June 30, 2010

    Nice! Where’d you hear this? In The Red’s website?

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