Nouvel Katerine

Finalement, a new Katerine album is on the way. It’s been five years since Robots Après Tout. It’s not like he’s been slacking though, in between he’s done a jazz record with Alban Darche, appeared on the Olivier Libaux orchestrated Imbécile, and done a French version of the Pippettes called Les Vedettes. All these efforts were good, but it’s on his solo records where you can get the full Katerine experience, and if you’re familiar with Katerine you know that each one is a different experience. The new album is called Bla Bla Bla and is due 27 September on vinyl and CD. Here’s the streaming title track and the songs to be included on the album.

01. Je M’Éloigne D’Autant Que Je M’Approche
02. Bla Bla Bla
03. La Reine D’Angleterre
04. Les Derniers Seront Toujours Les Premiers
05. Des Bisoux
06. Bien Mal
07. Liberté
08. La Banane
09. J’Aime Tes Fesses (avec Jeanne Balibar)
10. Philippe
11. Il Veut Faire Un Film (avec mes parents)
12. Moustache
13. Sac En Plastique
14. Té-Lé-Phone
15. À Toi – À Toi (avec ma fille Edie)
16. Parivélib’
17. La Musique
18. Vieille Chaîne
19. Morts-Vivants
20. Cette Mélodie
21. Le Rêve
22. Juifs Arabes
23. Musique D’Ordinateur
24. Le Champ De Blé

If that isn’t enough Katerine for you, head on over to his Katerine Francis et ses Peintres site where he has been uploading a new cover song every Monday since the beginning of 2010.  Cliquez sur une étoile dans la nuit et d’écouter Katerine.


  1. bill pearis · July 1, 2010

    whoa look at him.

    • Toby · July 1, 2010

      Just when you thought his album covers couldn’t get any weirder…

  2. bill pearis · July 1, 2010


    Looks like he’s moved into the basement.

  3. Wolfgang · July 3, 2010

    Tres jolie!

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