Coastering: Basementcast #12

photo from Vintage Seattle

The coaster enthusiast in you will delight in the latest edition of the basementcast. It is built of wood, rickety, jarring and a guaranteed thrill ride that feels like it’s just about ready to fall apart. No need to go to your nearest amusement park, pay $50 for admission, $10 for a hot dog and wait in line for every ride.  Just hit play and experience the heartburn of the hot dog and the stomach churning of the roller coaster. It won’t cost you a thing, only your valuable time.

download: basementcast #12 (~178 MB)

Crack Habit – Summer Babes from Babe Summer EP

Golden Town – Super Wild Horses from Fifteen
Halve – Beaches from In a While 7″

Police Lights – The Cute Lepers from Smart Accessories
Chapel Market – Animals That Swim from Faded Glamour: The Best Of Animals That Swim

Shadow – Grass Widow from Past Time
Total Life Forever – Foals from Total Life Forever

Our Composition Book – Wild Nothing from Gemini
On The Beach (The Ladder Descends) – Nick Nicely from Psychotropia
Nova Mars – DiMaggio from Di Maggio

Passion For Water – Liechtenstein from Passion For Water 7″
Speed Reaction – Spirea X from Fireblade Skies
Coconut Shampoo – Neverever from Angelic Swells

Seeking Love – Bare Wires from Seeking Love
The Thresher – Abner Jay from The Original Folk Song Style of Abner Jay
The Big Stick – Minutemen from 3-Way Tie (For Last)

Doin’ Me In – Jason Falkner from All Quiet On The Noise Floor
Meds – Stephanie from Stephanie
Gotta Get The First Plane Home – The Kinks from The Kink Kontroversy

Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C. – Cud from Leggy Mambo
At The Indie Disco – The Divine Comedy from Bang Goes The Knighthood
Mr. Tinker – Harry Nilsson from Aerial Ballet

Crazy For You – Best Coast from Crazy For You
Tracks Of My Tears – Aretha Franklin from Soul ’69

Forever After – The Young Sinclairs from Chimeys
It’s About Time  – The Pandoras from Children Of Nuggets

Gay Human Bones – Harlem from Hippies

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  1. jasmine · July 17, 2010

    happy weekends! ;)
    i’m blogwalking ~

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