Three Cheers for Edwyn Collins

The seventh solo album from former Orange Juice front man Edwyn Collins is the first one he’s made since his near death experience (a brain hemorrhage in 2005) and it promises to not only be star packed (Johnny Marr, Roddy Frame, the Cribs, Drums, Magic Numbers, Franz Ferdinand, Dave Ruffy, and Paul Cook) but if the title track is any indicator a return to the bountiful pop cornucopia of the mid 90’s Georgeous George and I’m Not Following You.

The album is called Losing Sleep and comes out 13 September on Heavenly in the UK. The cover features Collins’ bird drawings which he began doing after his stroke.  He couldn’t play guitar, but he could draw and drawing birds he says helped him immensely in his recovery.  From birds to pop hooks, Edwyn Collins is on the road to full recover as is evidenced by the title track from Losing Sleep. It is the first song to be released from the record and it features Collins in full northern soul mode.   It’s a beauty and for the price of your email address it can be yours.

Sign up for the Edwyn army here to download the mp3 for free.

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