Cinema Red and Blue

This kind of came out of nowhere, though there was a gig at the Cake Shop in New York last year that Bill mentionedCinema Red and Blue are mostly made up members from Comet Gain (David Fek sings all the songs) and Crystal Stilts.  The makeshift band also employs the services of Amy Linton, Hamish Kilgour and Gary Olson.  When you daydream about all star lineups, no doubt a few of these names enter into your imagination.  Throw in some covers by the likes of the Chills, Julian Cope and Vic Godard and you won’t want to wake up.

There’s an album due on 28 September on What’s Your Rupture.  In the meantime here is the cover of Vic Godard’s Same Mistakes that appeared on his album The End Of The Surrey People back in 1993 which was produced by one Edwyn Collins. I digress, Cinema Red and Blue was recorded at Olson’s Marlborough Farms studio.

mp3: Cinema Red and Blue – Same Mistakes (order the album from What’s Your Rupture)

mp3 snagged from Austin Town Hall.

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