Getting Good Tropical Sleep

I seem to be on this late 70’s power pop kick lately and Tropical Sleep continue that kick. Tropical Sleep is the latest vehicle of Dan Wood who’s previous band the Pets set the bar pretty high with their Misdirection album. Talk about an album packed full of two minute blasts that are kinda Kiss and kinda Cheap Trick. It’s pretty relentless, but in a good way.  The first Tropical Sleep single comes in the latest batch of  Trouble In Mind singles and reminds me a lot of early Nick Lowe.  Two sides that leave me wanting more Tropical Sleep.  The band will in Seattle on 1 October for a gig a the Funhouse.

stream: Tropical Sleep – (Hadita) Girl With The Diamond Tooth (buy it from Trouble In Mind)

mp3: Nick Lowe – Heart of the City (from the Jesus of Cool)

mp3: The Pets – I Can’t Keep Myself Straight (from Misdirection)

The latest batch batch of four singles on Trouble In Mind includes Tropical Sleep, Hex Dispensers, Night Beats and Sticks N’ Stones. all of them are available from the label direct.  Keep your eyes peeled for new ones from Wounded Lion, Personal & the Pizzas and an album from the Liminanas all coming in October.

In other power pop news Paul Collins (the Beat) and Seattle’s Cute Lepers will be at the Funhouse 2 October for a double dose of the stuff.

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