Number 13 Baby: Basementcast #13

photo from JamieSanford’s Photostream.

As luck would have it, here is basementcast number 13 on the 13th day of September. Not a dreaded Friday the 13th but a Monday the 13th which, it seems to me, is a lot worse than a Friday the 13th. After all, you have two days to make things right after a Friday of bad luck. On a Monday the 13th you need all the help you can get. That’s where the basementcast comes in. Think of it as your lucky rabbit’s foot. Put it on your mp3 player and it will help you avoid black cats, hats on the bed, walking under ladders and a multitude of other crazy stuff that could happen to you on this day. Plus you will have saved a rabbit from having to hop around with only three legs.

download: basementcast #13 (~182 Mb)

Stupid Kids – Christmas from Ultraprophets Of Thee Psykick Revolution
I Don’t Wanna Be Around You – Sugar Stems from Sweet Sounds of the Sugar Stems

One Million Year Trip – Laetitia Sadier from The Trip
Daylight – Robert Scott from Ends Run Together
Bury My Head In My Hands – Orange Juice from The Orange Juice

Let’s Fall In Love – Sea Lions from Yay! 12″
Dreaming – Seapony from Seapony
Anorak City – Another Sunny Day from London Weekend
Anorak City – Fucked Up from Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009

Pogo – Eternal Summers from Silver
Sunlight – Swimsuit from Life Like Demo

Disco Rough – Mathematiques Modernes from Les Visiteurs Du Soir
Make It Better – The Knocks from Make It Better 7″
Throwing Shade – Abe Vigoda from Crush

Gone To Sea – A Classic Education from Hey There Stranger
Cathy Dennis – June & The Exit Wounds from Little More Haven Hamilton, Please
Life is Good When Cinematic – Talbot Adams from Weekend 7″

Estate Sales – Intelligence from  Males
Mini, Mini, Mini – Jacques Dutronc from Jacques Dutronc
Twist – Tones On Tail from Night Music

Stiff Little Fingers – The Vibrators from Pure Mania
Stiff Little Fingers – Dum Dum Girls from  Stiff Little Fingers 7″
30 Century Man – Scott Walker from Scott 3
Ice Melts Around My Battery – Number One Cup from People People Why Are We Fighting

Candy – Frankie Rose And The Outs from Frankie Rose And The Outs
The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game – The Marvelettes from Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection
Toutes Les Nuits – Les Calamités from C’est Complet

A Salty Sea – Scraps from  Dirty Knobby 7″
Ego Psycho – Les Bellas from Belladelic
Going Down to Liverpool – The Bangles from All Over the Place


  1. alex twist · September 13, 2010

    Bangles, such a great choice, their first LP is very nice, a lot of cool tunes with great harmonies and that amazing guitar sound
    i really enjoy it a lot, i’m trying to find their first mini-lp but i think it will be more difficult than all over the place

    the original version of “going down to liverpool” is also very recommanded (Katrina and the Waves) as the original of “live” (the Merry-Go-Round, the Lp is very nice too, i’m thinking talking about it one of these days!)

    in France i would recommand you to listen to the only EP single of Violett, a bit cheesy but i like it a lot.
    (“quand je serais grande” & “pour changer ça” are my favorites)
    anyway they splitted, it’s sad because they were very good in live

    • Toby · September 13, 2010

      I new about that one being a Katrina & the Waves song, but I’ve never heard it. The only Katrina & the Waves I own is a 7″ of Walking On Sunshine. I also didn’t realize until doing this basementcast that Kimberley Rew who wrote that song was in the Soft Boys.

      • alex twist · September 13, 2010

        the two first lps of Katrina and the Waves were released by little indie labels, and then they were picked by a major
        their first major lp was a new versions of tunes you can find on their two first lp

        i like better their two indie lps, the production has a more natural feeling, and less smooth / slick
        anyway none of the two is a great album, but they’ve got their moments and some tasty pop songs
        one of the best tunes would be the original version of walking on sunshine and going down to liverpool

        anyway walking on sunshine is a great single, even with the big 80s sound production, a bit cheesy maybe, but it had to be a hit, it’s a great pop song


  2. Wolfgang · September 13, 2010

    Yes, get your yourself a good cassette-player and get the Dum Dum Girls-tape(on Art Fag), still has some copies.
    I wish i could listen to the Low Numbers-Let’s twist again with the…-lp right now, but don’t have it anymore.

    • Toby · September 13, 2010

      Heading to the Goodwill today.

  3. bill pearis · September 13, 2010

    Sea Lions must’ve had a falling out with the Yay! folks (I thought they were related to them for some reason) the way it proclaims “We are no longer with Yay!” on their MySpace. Kinda weird the way these things play out in public anymore.

    Related, as I was listening to you front-sell the Sea Lions I was saying to myself “aren’t they from Oxnard?” and then your kid piped in to correct you… great bit. Is that an in-joke?

    • Toby · September 13, 2010

      No in-joke. I was listening to it and realized my mistake, so I got Ian to correct me. The wonders of digital production. Tried to get Elsa to say something too, but she refused. I think she made a cameo a few episodes back though.

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